A Utah town just had their fifth plane crash in the last four years and residents want to know why

The small town of Roy, Utah just had their fifth private plane crash in the last four years when the plane of David Goode, owner of Goode Ski Technologies, tragically crashed in a Roy neighborhood.

The flight path to Ogden-Hinckley Airport passes over the city of Roy and several elementary schools, the junior high, and the high school. Residents, understandably, are concerned as to why there are an abnormal amount of plane crashes happening within the city limits and the Police Chief of Roy, Carl G. Merino, is asking for help.

Merino called on the National Transportation Safety Administration, the Federal Aviation Administration and Ogden city — which owns the airport — to do an “extensive investigation” and “to attempt to find a common denominator which can be corrected to remove this danger to our citizens.”

The manager of the airport doesn’t see a pattern in the crashes.

Bryant Garrett, the airport’s manager, called the spate of crashes “troubling but not out of the norm.” He has previously overseen runways at the Salt Lake City International Airport, and in Florida and California.

“If there was any low-hanging fruit, an easy change, we would have done it years ago,” he said. “I could promise you that the city of Ogden and myself would be willing to do whatever is needed to make things safer, but there is no easy answer.”

Garrett does not see any commonality among the crashes, except that they were coming or going from his airport. He said it hosts as many as 10,000 operations a month — either takeoffs or landings — compared to a handful of crashes.

Previous non fatal incidents included a plane that made an emergency landing on I-15.

My condolences to the family of David Goode mourning this tragic plane crash and I hope that federal investigators can help find out if there is a link to the amount of crashes happening.



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