Free National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Elite status for American Express cardholders

National Car Rental is offering American Express card holders free Executive Elite status along with five Emerald Club Credits with your first rental after enrollment using an American Express Card. Enroll between 9/16/18 and 1/31/19 to advance to that status.

If you are an existing member, simply choose the Sign In option on the Executive Elite page. My status was updated to Executive Elite immediately.

Executive Elite status benefits are:

• Reserve a mid-size to get access to Emerald Aisle.
• Guaranteed upgrades: reserve and pay for a mid-size, drive away in a vehicle in a higher class
• To maintain Executive Elite status, member must meet the standard qualifications of 25 or more rentals or 85 or more rental days during the full calendar year 2019

You also get:
• Faster rentals by bypassing the counter.
• To choose your own car. Don’t waste time looking for your assigned car.
• Faster returns with Drop & Go. With e-receipts, there is no need to wait for an agent to give you a receipt.
• No second-driver fees
• Reward choices. Select from Free Rental Days, frequent-flyer miles or hotel rewards.
• Special offers. Receive members-only discounts and offers through our periodic email


  1. Did that, got immediate update. Then noticed the AMEX EE rates are substantially higher than the regular emerald club rates. Make sure you use a discount code when you rent or you’ll be paying list price!

  2. Be Careful here! Accepting this “offer” will change the default discount code to the AMEXEE which is SIGNIFICANTLY higher rates than those of most corporate discounts. Also, note, that YOU cannot change the code back to your corporate code, you must call and get the code changed in your profile. Yes, Executive, and Executive Elite offer wonderful perks, but this “deal” will raise your overall costs.

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