Targeted: American Express Business card offer: Spend $250 get $75 back at Staples, Home Depot up to 5 times

There is a new American Express offer and this time it is only on business cards. Spend $250 in store at BevMo, Gordon Food Service, The Home Depot, Restaurant Depot, Staples, or Total Wine and More by August 14 and receive a $75 statement credit. This statement credit can be received 5 times. Log in to your American Express account, look at the bottom of the screen for “Offers” and see if you’re targeted. There is no Twitter hashtag to load this deal.

I just finished using the $15 off $75 Home Depot American Express offer on all of my cards and authorized users. I chose to buy Shell gas gift cards and bought a new Lawn Mower.

I first researched a reliable mower as my current Honda lawnmower has had the automatic drive go out and is unfixable. The mower lasted 25 years. I settled on another Honda mower, the HRX217K5VKA, that was top rated by Consumer Reports.

I then went on Ebay and purchased a 10% off Home Depot gift card for $30. As the mower costs $600 and I would save $65 (with tax), I netted a savings of an additional $35. I then purchased Home Depot gift cards with my American Express cards, saving $15 off $75 each time.

Final cost: $650 – $35 savings – $90 savings by purchasing 6 Home Depot cards for a net cost of $525. Best of all, no more backbreaking pushing an old mower – the cost savings on back pain is priceless.

Finally, a mower that will run itself.

Finally, a mower that will run itself.

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