A free Starbucks drink offer for new Starbucks Rewards members

I’m a Gold member of the Starbucks Rewards program even though I don’t drink coffee.

As a Gold member you receive
– one free drink or food item for every 12 Stars

Currently, Starbucks is offering a free drink for new Starbucks Rewards members through this promotional link. In return, Starbucks gives me 6 bonus stars for your signup. It’s a win-win for the both of us!

In addition, there is a perpetual Star creating machine that someone shared with me that is simple and brilliant. I wonโ€™t share it in this post so as not to kill it, but I will private message you via Twitter if you want to know โ€“ @questformiles

Sip it up

Sip it up



  1. Hey, thanks for the great tip! Would love to learn about the Perpetual Star Machine (sounds like a great band name). Thanks!

    twitter name: @thequeenmab

  2. I got received this email also. Please share more about the perpetual star machine gooseberry1977.

  3. I followed the link and yesterday and received an email today that I had one star, but no mention of free drink. Where can I look to confirm? Please clarify,


  4. I went through the link. I got an email saying I had one star, but see no mention of the free drink on the email or web site. Please clarify on the free drink.

  5. Hey! Would love to find out about the star churning if it’s still possible. Thanks!

    Twitter: @robacca

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