The Terminal movie in real life – stranded passenger living in airport for last two months

For anyone familiar with the movie Terminal, Tom Hanks plays a stranded passenger who is caught in limbo and is forced to live in the airport as he doesn’t have the required papers to leave.

There’s a modern day example of this going on right now. Spaniard Rodrigo Ben-Azul flew to Chile to visit with family in order to settle a dispute. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful in settling his dispute and his visa to stay in Chile had run out. He therefore returned to the Santiago airport but without any money to purchase a ticket home nor any money to eat with. He has been waiting for his family in Spain to send money so that he can return home.

He has spent the last eight weeks returning carts for money and picking food out of trash bins to survive.

If anyone is flying through Santiago – try and find Rodrigo and help him out!


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