National Car Rental Blast from the Past contest and giveaway

National Car Rental is celebrating their 25th anniversary with a contest called “Blast From the Past” via their Facebook page. You can submit a story, photo, or video on what you were doing 25 years ago for a chance to win $25 Visa Gift Card.

They also offered three prizes to me to give away to my readers: A Gift Basket consisting of a National tumbler, a National embossed leather writing pad, a National pen set, a weekend duffel bag and a driving kit, and two $25 American Express gift cards.

In order to enter my contest, I want to know what your favorite band was back in 1987.

My favorite band in 1987 was the Cure. I had been into hair bands up until then when a friend of mine let me borrow his Cure “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me” cassette tape. I was blown away and my musical tastes changed forever.

This then led me to New Order

And to Depeche Mode

Leave a comment in the comment section of what your favorite band was in 1987 and I will pick three random winners from the entries – good luck!



  1. I wonder how many people reading this were actually old enough to even have a favorite band in 1987… 🙂

    ’87 was a funky year… I would have to pick either Los Lobos (La Bamba) or U2.

  2. 1987 was the year I graduated from college, and my favorite band was Daryl Hall & John Oates. Thanks.

  3. It’s gotta be Boogie Box High! Who didn’t love Jive Talkin’…

    Jive talkin’
    You’re telling me lies, yeah
    Good lovin’
    Still gets in my eyes
    There’s nobody
    Believe what you say
    It’s just your jive talkin’
    That gets in the way, oh yeah!

  4. Hmm…I was 1 year old so I’ll say my favorite band was whatever record tasted the best when I put it in my mouth since that’s what babies do 😀

  5. U2. The Joshua Tree came out while I was stationed in Germany with the Army, and it is still my favorite album-though I have long since switched from the original cassette tape to CD.

  6. Continuing with Jason’s intial post of great British bands…New Order. I think I might have to find my CD’s again!

  7. It would be either one of two Bruces
    Bruce Hornsby. “The way it is” is still an album I listen to often.
    Bruce Springsteen “Tunnel of Love” is and was a Brilliant Album.

  8. cure, totallly! “close to me”!!??…best song! or the smiths…”girlfriend in a coma”. inxs was good then too.

  9. Thank you, Rick Rubin, for rescuing me from the ubiquitous plague of REM and U2 with the twin genius of Licensed to Ill (Beastie Boys, ’86) and Electric (The Cult, ’87).

  10. I’ll have to add another for U2! There was a lot of great music in the 80’s!

    BTW – thanks!

  11. I would have been two. But, since my parents like “smooth jazz” my favorite at that time was probably Kenny G because he had just released a breakthrough album the year prior.

  12. It has to be INXS. Thanks for running the promo and thanks to National for providing the swag!

  13. My favorite band has been the same since 1972 and still remains my favorite….STEELY DAN….,

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