American Express Premier Rewards offer – 50,000 Membership Rewards points and no annual fee for 2 years

I don’t usually post links to credit card offers – but this one is intriguing.

American Express is offering a Premier Rewards card where you pay no annual fee for two years and receive 50,000 Membership Rewards points with a $500 spend in the first three months.

If you don’t see this offer, clear your cookies and go to the link again. According to the terms and conditions, this offer is not available to existing consumer American Express Charge Cardmembers.

You could also combine this with the Delta offer to receive a 50% mileage bonus and 25,000 Delta MQMs before May 31. In order to do this, once you’re approved for the Premier Rewards card, you’ll have to request an advance of the 50,000 bonus. You can request this online. I did this last December and the Membership Rewards points were available immediately. UPDATE:someone posted in the comments that you can only get a 15,000 point Advance with the Gold Card – so don’t apply for this because of the Delta portion.

UPDATE 05/18 link is dead now



  1. Thanks! Just applied for my wife and got instant approval 🙂 (she closed her AMEX SPG account about 2 years a

  2. Thanks! Just applied for my wife and got instant approval 🙂 (she closed her AMEX SPG account about 2 years ago)

  3. Have others used this link to apply? I am told this was a targeted offer but I’ll try it. Can you close the account anytime wo penalty?

    BTW, SPG holders can still apply for this card. SPG is considered a credit card NOT a charge card with AMEX. Charge cards pay the balance in full. Credit cards, like SPG, are revolving debt cards.

    Not sure I can get the points advanced even after first purchase. Thanks for the offer info.

  4. FYI — I got a page that asked me to call for my decision. Once I did, the rep said she didn’t see this offer applied to my application, so I had to give her the bonus ID (5889). She made a note on my application (which was approved), but said I’d need to call in when activating my card w/ that bonus ID to ensure I get the bonus applied.

  5. I received my new card yesterday. But I didn’t see any mention of the terms mentioned above so I called Amex to confirm it was attached to my account. It was not. I was told that this offer was only for Columbia graduates and that they couldn’t extend the offer to me.

    I was curious if anyone else had the same issue.

  6. @Zhanna – Hi, I kept all the print outs showing the 50,000 offer if you need me to scan and email them to you

  7. Hi Jason, that would be so awesome. Thank you !

    I normally do the same, but of course my printer wasn’t cooperating that day. I have a few screen shots of the offer, but I was told that Columbia University was mentioned in the terms that I accepted.

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