Milepoint is now live

In case you haven’t heard – there is a new travel site recently launched called Milepoint – and they’re giving away an Ipad each day in March. You can register here.

I first got into collecting miles and points by visiting and learning from the folks at Flyertalk several years ago. I I learned tips and tricks there that I never would have imagined. But over the past few years, I’ve started to post fewer and fewer times there. In my opinion, the tone of the message board became more and more condescending if you didn’t happen to know all the abbreviations or happened to make a mistake in stating something.

For that reason, I’m excited about a new community. Will this new community be more friendly? Will all the experts from the previous site come over to Milepoint? Or will it become like Fatwallet and Slickdeals where someone posts a deal on one of the sites and within minutes the exact deal is posted on the other site?

I honestly hope that having another community spring up will encourage even more people to join our hobby and to realize that with a little effort (okay sometimes a lot of effort) – cheap travel to exotic destinations is entirely possible.

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