Up to $20 American Express statement credit for select airport purchases

The American Express promotions just keep rolling in.

Receive up to a $20 American Express statement credit when you make a purchase till December 31, 2010 at the following airport merchants:

1)Dunkin Donuts at JFK (John F Kennedy), EWR (Newark), and LGA (LaGuardia)

2)Brookstone at JFK (John F Kennedy), EWR (Newark), IAH (Houston George Bush) and LGA (LaGuardia)

3)Hudson News at JFK (John F Kennedy), EWR (Newark), CLE (Cleveland International), and LGA (LaGuardia)

4)GoGo Internet flight at “10,000 feet and above”

There’s no registration required and no mention of what brand of card is eligible. The credit should appear after 5 business days. The link to the promotion is here.

Thanks to Erndog for the tip


  1. Hummm…. Can we call the Brookstone store, have them place the order from their store, even with S&H could get a few nice things NET NET for FREE:




    Anyone know the direct phone to get them and find out?

  2. @Jason. I think this could be a fun nice one for us all. We can place many orders on many cards. I am going to call and ask for a MGR at the location on Monday and tell him about us crazy nutz in FF world and would he like say 10k in sales for his location from the web/phone and ask if we can call and ask for him and keep him selling big time. I will let you know what I find and see if we can not get a bunch of sales for this branch of Brookstone 🙂

  3. Good news we are ON for this deal!

    Directions are:

    1 – call the LGA store at (718) 505 – 1040 ask for any mgr (they have 4)
    2 – say you want a phone order run through their store
    3 – order anything you want and it will ship from std Brookstone locations as any other order.
    4 – per promotion we get $20 max credit (per promotion we can order less and get less max $20 as I read it)

    Enjoy and let’s see how much biz we can send them!

  4. they wont let you order the 6 in 1 multi-tool with the LED light…since it cant be past TSA. Thats what the mgr “Adam” told me at LGA. Also called the IAH brookstone, same thing–she couldn’t order it.

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