3 free months of Amazon Prime shipping

This is just in time for the Christmas shopping season. You can now receive three months of free Amazon Prime shipping for joining the free Amazon Mom (or Dad) program.

When you join Amazon Mom, you receive FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime for the first 3 months of your membership. For each $25 you spend within a single order in the Baby Store, we’ll grant you an additional month of Amazon Prime shipping benefits. You can earn up to one year of Amazon Prime shipping benefits from the date you joined Amazon Mom. In the third month of your membership, we will send you an e-mail that tracks your spending progress in the Baby Store. This e-mail will contain a current end date for your shipping benefit based on how much you have spent in the Baby Store.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can still join Amazon Mom. During the sign-up process, they will offer you the option of either:

a) Canceling your existing Prime subscription and receiving a prorated refund for the remaining unused months left on your subscription, or

b) Staying with your existing Prime subscription (customers who don’t anticipate shopping in the Baby Store frequently may prefer this option)

Make sure you set an Outlook reminder to cancel the Prime shipping option via customer service after three month if you don’t wish to continue with the Amazon Prime membership.

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