Air France Flight Attendant Arrested for Stealing from Passengers

I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more often, though I would have suspected it would be other passengers rather than the flights attendants.

An Air France flight attendant was recently arrested for stealing from sleeping business and first class passengers on international flights.

She would remove money, credit cards, and jewelry from their baggage while they slept.

I’ve only had one problem with theft ever and that was a camera stolen from my checked in suitcase coming back from French Polynesia. I was much more naive back then and Delta actually ended up sending me money as part of a claim for a replacement. I’m much more wiser now and keep all my valuables out of suitcases and my passport with me at all times.

The best remedy for traveling is to stay smart and be vigilant about protecting your belongings!


  1. Just use one of the many old luggage locks we have from the days before TSA said no on locks for your overhead bag. Enough to make any attendant go to the next bag.

  2. I have that image of Ian McKellen leaning out of a plane in the Da Vinci Code movie yelling to the cops, “The French cannot be trusted!”

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