Free Hilton Gold status is still alive

UPDATE 6/1/2013 – the deal is now over.

It is still possible to get instant Hilton Gold status through the following method. I tested it this morning and it is still alive. The terms say you must be a Visa Infinite cardholder and the offer expires May 31, 2013.

1.Log in to your account (or create one if you don’t have one)

2. Go to this address generator to create a valid Australian address.

3. Change your profile to the Australian address.

4. Go to this website and create a credit card number. Click “Generate a Credit Number” and choose “Visa – Chase Manhattan Bank“. Don’t worry, you’re not generating an actual credit number someone owns. Replace the output with “4119 45xx xxxx xxxx” and hit generate.

5. Now go to the Visa Infinte landing page and enter the credit number from step 4.

6. Log out and log back in, you will have Gold status now. The benefits are here. You can now change your address back.

Tip of the cap to Fatwallet



  1. Founders Card members get a free hilton gold upgrade as part of the member benefits

  2. Both mine and my husband’s 100000+ points were gone yesterday, and showed up again this morning. Scared me! I have a up coming trip this Sep. I guess that Hilton system got a problem yesterday.

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