Free Hilton Gold status is still alive

UPDATE 6/1/2013 – the deal is now over.

It is still possible to get instant Hilton Gold status through the following method. I tested it this morning and it is still alive. The terms say you must be a Visa Infinite cardholder and the offer expires May 31, 2013.

1.Log in to your account (or create one if you don’t have one)

2. Go to this address generator to create a valid Australian address.

3. Change your profile to the Australian address.

4. Go to this website and create a credit card number. Click “Generate a Credit Number” and choose “Visa – Chase Manhattan Bank“. Don’t worry, you’re not generating an actual credit number someone owns. Replace the output with “4119 45xx xxxx xxxx” and hit generate.

5. Now go to the Visa Infinte landing page and enter the credit number from step 4.

6. Log out and log back in, you will have Gold status now. The benefits are here. You can now change your address back.

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  1. […] MilesQuest gives a step-by-step process for getting FREE Hilton HHonors Gold status. I had a recent free hilton gold expire from a similar offer last year.  When I went to do this, I had to use a different browser when filling out the visa infinite offer page.  Not exactly sure when the status expires, but it definitely is at least good through 12/31/2013, possibly longer. The main benefits of Hilton Gold are: […]


  1. Hey guys,

    I tried on 5/6/13 and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    Hopefully this is not dead.


  2. Just worked fine for me – 5/7. You need to login into your account on the Credit card entry page. That step is missing from the directions. Then kill that window and login to your account.

  3. Thanks Mel for your reply.

    I did login into my account after the successful verification on Visa Infinite landing page:

    Current Status: Blue

    BUT, i saw this under my name:

    You’re just 0 points away from Diamond Status — see the benefits you’ll receive
    Learn more”

    It says “0 points away from Diamond Status”. Does that mean my status has been updated to Gold?

    Thanks again!

  4. I got the same You’re just 0 points away from Diamond Status”
    Guess it means I updated to Gold?

  5. Hey! Worked for me. After I completed the process and logged back in it was still on blue. Five mins later couldn’t resist so I logged in again and whoa ! It had turned to Gold. I did the same last year too and had some amazing benefits at Hilton KL, Conrad Singapore, Hilton Syd, Hilton Dxb, Waldorf Berlin. Many thanks to Jason for informing us about this offer. Hilton Glasgow next week. Time to have fun!

  6. @scot – I think we got updated to Gold. This is what I did:

    1. Login to HHonors.
    2. Click on “Personal Information” on the left panel.
    3. Click on “Send me a membership card” hyperlink under “USERNAME AND PASSWORD”.
    4. You should see your Gold membership card.

    I verified this by creating another dummy account with Blue status. Then, I login into that dummy account and clicked on “Send me a membership card” link. I saw Blue card (instead of Gold)!

  7. Worked for me. But, it was not instantaneous for me. It took about 2 days for the account to update.

  8. where it states “Replace the output with “4119 45xx xxxx xxxx” and hit generate.” what specifically is the 4119 supposed to replace? i keep getting “invalid card message”

  9. @scooby – choose “Chase Manhattan Bank” and click “generate”. in the top right it will have the first four digits shown then xxxx xxxx xxxx. Replace the first four digits with 4119 and the the next two ones (that show xx) with 45 and click generate again.

  10. Thanks Jason! That worked exactly as described. Wish I had asked for clarification sooner…

  11. Did not work with Safari, but okay using Chrome. Had to wait 48 hours but status eventually changed from Blue to GOLD.

    Thanks for the tip.

  12. Still works. A little sketchy, but it will be helpful for my European travel coming up!

  13. Thanks very much for posting…it worked for me but what happens if I change my address back will it revert??

  14. Thanks so much! It worked for me. It took about 20 minutes before it switched to gold but it did work. 5/30/13.

  15. I used the instructions supplied. (Very clear and easy to follow – thanks.) I won’t be booking travel until some time in July-2013. Will I still get gold status then? Do I have to book through Hilton or can I do it through a travel agent/service?

  16. i got the gold status using the method a few weeks ago. but now i am downgraded back to blue. did anybody have the same experience? can we do anything about it? thanks.

  17. I had done this with great success back in April. Now, in looking at my HH account I am back down to Blue. Will have to wait for the next great offer I guess !!!

  18. Founders Card members get a free hilton gold upgrade as part of the member benefits

  19. Both mine and my husband’s 100000+ points were gone yesterday, and showed up again this morning. Scared me! I have a up coming trip this Sep. I guess that Hilton system got a problem yesterday.

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