American Advantage miles for ordering Domino’s pizza

Posted by: Jason

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and everyone has their favorite food for the big game.

Why not order some pizza from Domino’s AND earn some American Advantage miles?

First – register your credit card here

Then, go here and click on the “Order Now” button to be taken to the Domino’s Pizza website.

You’ll earn 1 Advantage miles per $2 spent at Domino’s – so it’s not like you’ll be earning a free trip to the Maldives anytime soon – but if you have an account that’s near expiration this is the perfect way to extend it cheaply and quickly.

As a Cowboys fan – Go Steelers!

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  • scott said,

    The Steelers suck….GO PACK!

  • mommafrica said,

    I’m a Cowboys fan as well how could u root 4 the Steelers! We’re competing w/ them 4 the most SB’s. Remember the ’70’s.

  • The Points Guy said,

    Hey- thanks for the tip! BTW I think it is 1 mile per two dollars spent, not the other way around, unfortunately.

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  • jason said,

    @Points Guy – good catch, fixed it.

    @Mommafrica – I hate the Packers!!

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