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Popular tourist activity in St. Martin costs a New Zealander her life

Princess Juliana International airport in St. Martin is really close to Maho Beach on the Dutch side of the island. A popular tourist activity involves holding onto the fence while nearby planes take off. The winds created by the jet’s engines create a tremendous force often sending people flying in the air. However, sometime people…

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Seat assignment chicanery

I recently took a flight with my young daughter. I had booked the flight months in advance and had put her on the aisle and myself in the middle. When we went to check in at the Salt Lake City airport – our boarding passes reflected this seating arrangement.  When it was time to board,…

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Amazing $400 airfares from Boston to Stockholm May-August on multiple carriers

I’m taking my oldest daughter in high school on her very first overseas flight. I let her pick the destination and she’s always wanted to return to the country where her ancestors are from – Sweden. I’ve been looking for some decent airfares from various East Coast cities and discovered that the Boston to Stockholm…

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