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Man Breaks into Closed Museum to Take Dinosaur Selfies

The coronavirus lockdown boredom is causing some people to go to extremes for entertainment. A man broke into the Australian Museum that is currently closed for renovations. He scaled the scaffolding currently in place in order to gain access to the museum. His self-guided museum tour started with finding an Indiana Jones like hat in…

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Las Vegas Is First To Add Personal Protective Equipment Vending Machine At Airport

PPE vending machine

“Clean and Safe Travels” is the tagline of the new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Vending Machine at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the Center for Disease Control recommending to wear a cloth face covering in public, and washing your hands often after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing – the Las Vegas Airport…

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Woman Who Sneaked into Closed Yellowstone National Park to Take Pictures Fell into Thermal Feature near Old Faithful

A woman, desperate for pictures of Old Faithful, snuck into Yellowstone National Park yesterday. Yellowstone National Park is closed because of the coronavirus. While backing up to take pictures of Old Faithful, she fell into a thermal feature. The temperature of the water in Old Faithful can reach above 350 degrees. During an eruption, the…

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Man Moved into Closed Springhill Suites, Planned to Use Stolen Surveillance Equipment to See If Anyone Was Coming

A man decided to move into a hotel that was temporarily closed because of the coronavirus. Randy James Urban moved into the Springhill Suite in Lehi, Utah and planned to stay there until the hotel opened back up again. Randy had used a shovel to break a window on a first floor room and had…

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DEPORTM Vanity License Plate Creates Controversy

A Utah resident,Matt Pacenza, took a picture of a controversial license plate while he was driving. “DEPORTM” seemed to cross boundary of decency. Hey @utahdld, how does this plate I just saw not violate your guidelines? #utpol — Matt Pacenza (@mattpacenza) January 9, 2020 It’s not the first time that there was been controversy…

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Search the Unclaimed Property Website of Your State to See If You Are Owed Money

While most people in the United States await their stimulus check, there is the possibility that you also have money owed to you waiting for you to claim it. Unclaimed property comes in many different forms. It could be old savings or checking accounts, life insurance policies, dividends, stocks, deposits from utility companies or payments…

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A saber wielding Peter Cottontail rings in Easter in New Orleans in this video 🐇

There are many Easter traditions: attending church services, dyeing easter eggs, having an egg hunt, eating an Easter ham, and finding Easter baskets. There’s also this: an adult dressed in a Peter Cottontail suit dancing down the street while carrying a saber popping champagne bottles. Happy Easter @BrennansNOLA: Watch Peter Cottontail saber and pop his…

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