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Free Airport Lounge Pass when paying with your Visa Card with @loungebuddy

Loungebuddy is offering a free airport lounge pass up to a $40 value when you pay with your Visa Card and purchase at This promotion is available at over 130 Locations Worldwide. You can check the list here. When I tested London Heathrow, it gave me 5 results including these three. There are some…

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Review of Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures and Kauai Photo Tours

Trip report: Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa Review Review of Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa Grand Club Activities in Kauai including Photo Tour and Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures Activities Kauai Photo Tours – $119/person Captain Andy’s Sailing Adventures – $139/person Kauai Photo Tours My wife decided to do a little different activity than…

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A rollover car crash made me finally purchase a dashcam

There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to crazy Russia dashcam videos like “Axe vs Bat”. Or a compilation of dash cam footage of multiple accidents in Russia. A dashcam isn’t anything that I ever considered needing because what is the purpose? Why would you need it? My opinion changed last fall as I was involved…

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An App that will show you hotel names of Priceline’s express deals is free today in the App Store

Priceline Express Deals are a way to save up to 60% but it’s often difficult to make the decision because you don’t know which hotel it is that you’re booking. From website: What are Express Deals? Choose from a huge collection of top hotels at incredible prices with no bidding required. See the neighborhood,…

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Meeting @PeterBjornandJohn from the band Peter Bjorn and John thanks to @ThrillCall

I was looking at Twitter and saw that one of my favorite bands, Peter Bjorn and John, were coming in concert to Ogden, Utah at the Ogden Amphitheater as part of the Twilight Concert Series. For those of you who perhaps don’t follow the band, Peter Bjorn and John are a trio hailing from Stockholm,…

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Iceland rocked the soccer world with their victory and the announcer went wild

Iceland is a small island with 350,000 inhabitants living there. It’s also a fantastically cool place that cranks out some great musical artists but also has some amazing geography like the Blue Lagoon, Geysers, and waterfalls. They’ve never been known as a powerhouse in soccer and, in fact, the Euro 2016 tournament is the first…

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