VIDEO: El Salvador police parade quarantine breakers through the streets

El Salvador has been quite proactive during the coronavirus crisis. Three weeks ago they prevented visitors from high risk countries from coming to El Salvador. They took temperatures of all visitors and they cleaned the entire international airport from top to bottom.

Days later, they declared a national emergency even though there wasn’t any confirmed cases in the country then.

Then, on Wednesday, he declared an Alerta Naranja — an orange alert. He announced a national quarantine, shuttering schools for three weeks, banning gatherings of more than 500 people, barring foreigners from entering the country and imposing a 30-day quarantine on Salvadorans entering from abroad.

However, there have still been some folks not following the quarantine and the police rounded them up recently and decided to publicly parade them down the street to encourage people to keep the quarantine rules.

I will point out that it doesn’t’ appear that they’re social distancing the offenders.

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