Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar once ate a salad with a comb on a flight to South Carolina

The Democratic presidential debate was held on Wednesday with six people who had qualified for the debate, vying for the Democrat nomination to go up against President Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential election. Each candidate tried to make inroads with voters during the debate. As I was googling the background of each debate participant, I stumbled upon a strange story regarding Amy Klobuchar, a salad, and a comb.

In 2008, Amy Klobuchar was flying to South Carolina and had one of her aides grab a salad for her at the airport. They all boarded the plane and as Senator Klobuchar pulled out her salad, the aide admitted that they had dropped the utensils somewhere and therefore did not have any utensils for her. Due to the shortness of the flight, the airline didn’t have any utensils on board either. According to reports, the Senator began berating her aide for forgetting utensils.

Undeterred from letting a salad go to waste, Senator Klobuchar pulled out a comb and proceeded to eat her salad with said comb. Once she was finished, she made her aide go and wash the comb off.

These stories came out in a New York Times piece about the poor way that Combuchar [sic] was treating her staff.

Would you ever eat a salad with a comb?


  1. Amy has an explosive temper and shouldn’t be president. However, Bernie is far worse for the country so Amy’s staff has to bite their lip.

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