A relaxing bath at the Montage Hotel will cost you $35

I just returned from a stay at the Montage Laguna Beach. The hotel and the property are stunningly beautiful and I will write up a trip report shortly.

In the room, they have a gigantic, deep bathtub.

The large deep tub

I don’t take a ton of baths as I’m more of a shower guy. Across the bath, they have a metal bath caddie with soap, a Japanese Sisai Brush, and some lotion.

The bath caddy

Close up on the goods

I had visions of a nice long bath after a long day of business meetings. I then noticed there was something in the corner of the bathtub.

The mystery item

It had a sign on it that explained that it was a candle and the scent was exclusively created for the Montage Laguna Beach and was a sandalwood and vanilla flavor.


Thus far, I’m totally in on this experience of soaking in a large tub with my brush and one of a kind candle. I flipped the card over to reveal that if you actually use the candle, there is a $35 charge to the room.

a costly candle

I totally understand if you take the bathrobe or a complimentary bag with you when you checkout that this warrants a room charge. I could even see if you decided to take the candle with you when you checkout. But to get charged for using the candle? and at $35?

I get that it’s the Montage and I’m already paying premium rates for a luxurious experience but I just found it funny that burning a candle incurs a $35 charge.

I’ll stick with my free showers.

Would you spend $35 to burn a scented candle at a hotel?


  1. Here’s a tip. You can take a bath WITHOUT the candle. So…they aren’t charging you for the bath…they are charging you for the candle. The rate seems high. Sure. But it’s NOT for the bath. A bath involves filling the tub with water. Cleaning yourself with soap. Perhaps shampooing your hair. But nothing in the definition of a bath requires a candle.

  2. Pretty sure you can still take a relaxing bath and not have to use the candle. Your article title is incorrect. It should read that the candle will cost you the $35 not the bath.

  3. We were there for few days back and noticed $35 candle as well in the bathroom. While we did not use the candle, we did enjoy soaking bath with the bath salts provided. Its a great property and would love to go there again someday.

  4. Its Montage. The charge whatever they want because celebrity clients will pay for it.

    My question. If you use half the candle and take the rest home, will they charge a “candle purchase fee” in addition to candle use fee?

    $35 dollars says they will!

  5. This is some serious entitlement attitude here. Everything you need for a bath is actually included, a candle is a nice touch, just like a robe.

  6. Awesome point Emily! The award for misleading headline of the month and possibly 2020 goes to this write up.

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