Hampton Inn manager requested an exorcism for an employee. He refused.

A Hampton Inn manager in Hazard, Kentucky is alleged to have pried into the personal life of an employee. Upon learning of employee Jason Fields’s pending divorce, the manager diagnosed the marital problems as caused by demons and decided that those demons were causing bad feelings at the Hampton Inn.

Sharon Lindon, the Hampton Inn manager, gave Fields a form to fill out to diagnose the cause of the demons. One question pointed to possible participation in a cult such as “Mormons” “Buddhism” and “Islam”.

Fields refused to fill out the form and said that Lindon then reverted to bring church members to the lobby to pray for him at which point he quit.

Lindon is now suing Hampton Inn & Suites.


  1. I really can’t believe the first sentence isn’t “a FORMER” Hampton Inn manager…”.

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