Smoking area ceiling at the airport

A Reddit user posted this picture of what the ceiling looks like for an airport’s smoking area.

Someone in the comments shared their story about how they quit smoking.

I remember one time about 10-15 years ago I was at the Las Vegas Airport waiting for my plane to go home. I needed a smoke really bad because I had been smoking like crazy in the casinos since I always smoke a lot when I drink and they give you free drinks non stop. I walked around for a bit and found a airport smoking area that had slot machines in it. I saw an empty seat and sat down at one of the machines snd lit up my cig. I looked around and noticed everyone else was older like in their 70’s+ and looked really bad. A really old woman came up to me and asked if I was going to play the slot machine in front of me. I said “huh” and she said in a mean voice “if your not playing get the F out the dam way son!”. Wow ok I got up real quick, I had been sitting at the machine because there weren’t any other chairs in the box and really not any room to stand. So I backed up into the corner against the glass to finish my smoke. As I was taking a drag I looked up and saw the ceiling, it was dark brown. I looked around at all the older people smoking, coughing and pulling the arms of the slot machines down over and over like zombies. I put my cigarette out and decided to quit right then and there. It took me a while but I quit cold turkey not that long after. Its been a long time but I’m still smoke free.

If you’re looking for encouragement in quitting smoking, here is a website that has some helpful resources.


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