Retirement of a technological dinosaur

Songs to your hearts content

I still remember the first time I heard the announcement of the iPod. The concept of being able to take ALL your music with you was unheard of. There had been various players on the market but nothing that had reached critical mass.

Prior to the iPod, I would travel with my CD player and a folder that would hold my favorite discs. This was problematic in that you couldn’t take your entire collection and invariably discs would get scratched through handling them and sometime scratched so bad that they wouldn’t play.

I purchased my first iPod on 2007. It was 60 GB which allowed me to take my entire music collection with me. 

It also allowed for the shuffling of songs and creation of playlist. I could now have playlists with the Cure, New Order, the Smiths, and Ministry all mixed in.

Recently, I have stopped taking my iPod on trips. With the increased capacity of iPhones along with the abundance of in flight entertainment I have been using it less and less.

I finally decided that it was time to retire it. For a solid decade it was a great tool to carry 5800 songs around but it has now become antiquated. 


  1. I still use an ipod when I fly. Greatest invention ever.

    You know that plastic film is meant to be removed? Looks gross.

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