Man boards plane with gigantic boarding pass

A man printed out his boarding pass on a gigantic printer while his friend filmed the reaction of the attendant.

I do like how the attendant was very accommodating. “Ah yes, here let me help you with that 4 foot boarding pass. We’ll just put the barcode right up here to the scanner…. there you go, please enjoy your flight”.

I wonder what would happen if you tried the reverse and printed your boarding pass to a 1% scale?



  1. i’d say the current barcode is maybe 30 dots across 1 inch on the Plus-sized iPhones, give or take. Shrink 100-fold to 1% will make it 3000dpi.

    First, you’ll need a VERY professional printer to print at that detail. Secondly, I mostly doubt the airport scanner has that level of resolution resolve.

    But hey, it’s all fun right =)

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