Eat what’s on your plate sign at upscale resort

I am staying at the Monte Carlo Bay in Monaco. During breakfast, I came across this sign at the buffet.

Waste at your own risk

Waste at your own risk

I wonder if the sign is geared more towards children with the chef from Ratatouille on there and in an attempt to encourage kids not to waste food they felt the need to post this sign to remember to eat what you take.

On the other hand, I actually think that this sign is intended for adults which seem really strange for an upscale resort. Is there really a crisis of food wasting going on across the board that warrants calling it to everyone’s attention?

There is a Green Globe certified emblem as well on the sign but if I’m choosing the hotel based on that certification – wouldn’t I already not waste food as part of my belief system?

For someone like myself who isn’t necessarily crusading to save the planet but attempts to do what I can regarding proper recycling and not wasting resources, I’m not sure a sign at the buffet is going to do the trick.

It seemed out of place myself and came off more of a “don’t share your plate” at a cheap buffet rather than a call to action to conserve food.

I don’t inherently disagree with the theory of only taking what you can eat but I’m not entirely sure it’s needed to be displayed in public.


  1. I think a many people don’t give a lot of thought about the waste. Perhaps the sign would be better located at the buffet area, rather than the table. I assume the goal is for you to not serve yourself more than you’ll eat, rather than forcing yourself to eat what you’ve served.

    This is along the lines of the Oslo Guldsmeden hotel in Norway that prints a “Loves Food – Hate Waste” policy summary on their napkins.

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