My favorite miles redemption option disappears

I have subscribed to The Economist for several years and always redeemed points for the subscription.

It was especially good for orphan miles of a carrier that I rarely fly.

As recently as 2 years ago, the redemptions for a year subscription were:

Alaska Airlines miles: 3,900 for 1 year print
American Airlines miles: 3,200 for 1 year print
Delta Skymiles: 3,200 for 1 year print
Frontier Airlines: 3,900 for 1 year print
Hawaiian Airlines: 3,900 miles for 1 year print
Spirit Airlines: 4,800 miles for 1 year print
United Airlines: 3,200 miles for 1 year print

The cost of a 1 year print subscription currently is $152.

The Economist

The Economist

I just received notification, however, that this option will no longer be available.

As a customer who originally chose to subscribe to The Economist using airline miles, ​we want to inform you that you ​will no longer be able to ​pay for your Economist subscription through your airline miles account​, because we have stopped participating in this program.

To ensure you are not missing out on valuable insight each and every week take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to extend your subscription. Renew now and get 12 weeks of Digital + print for just $12 then $29 every three months thereafter.

In an increasingly crowded news environment, we strive to be the antidote to information overload – your trusted, independent filter on world affairs. Act now and continue to enjoy our objectivity of opinion, originality of thought and advocacy of economic and political freedom, for many years to come.

There are still some good redemptions out there, you can check for yourself at but I will miss redeeming miles for The Economist.

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