Rhode Island tries to overcome obscurity by using Iceland pictures to make it cooler

Iceland has many things going for it – beautiful landscape, amazing culture, and many famous musical artists – Björk, Sigur Rós, and Of Monsters and Men to name a few. I visited Iceland more than 15 years ago for a weekend getaway. I went on Icelandic horseback riding excursion, went to the stunning Blue Lagoon, and toured the Iceland South Coast.







I’ve also been to Providence, Rhode Island which was nice enough of a city but also known for being in the smallest state in the Union.

There’s controversy now about a recent promotional video Rhode Island did that was produced to promote the state but in fact had clips of Iceland in it. The head of the tourism has already stepped down and the marketing video has already been pulled. The total campaign cost about $5 million to try to attract tourists.

As expected, the Twitterverse thoroughly mocked Rhode Island with the hashtag #rhodeisland trending nationwide.

As far as I’m concerned, if I have to choose between going back to Iceland or Rhode Island – I’m going to choose Iceland.

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