How to get two free large pizzas from Papa John’s

I’m always looking for easy ways to get free food, especially on those days where there just isn’t time to make dinner for my family.

There is a way to get two free pizzas from Papa John’s by following these steps.

1. Sign up for Papa John’s Rewards program. As a member of the Rewards program, you can earn points with your pizza purchases. They also will occasionally send out offers to the Rewards members.
2. Purchase a $25 gift card from Papa John’s. The purchase comes with a code for a Free 3 Topping Large Pizza. This offer for the free pizza expires June 21st.
3. Order at least $15 worth of pizza from Papa Johns making sure to enter Promo Code ALLSTAR which will earn you enough points for another Free 3 Topping Large Pizza for a future order. This offer for a free pizza expires June 28th.
4. Redeem your free pizza from ordering by using promo code 25PAPA by July 12th, 2015.
5. Redeem your free pizza from ordering a gift card whenever you wish.
6. Lastly, save more money and skip the delivery charge by picking it up yourself.

Better ingredients.

Better ingredients.


  1. can i use the $25 gift card to purchase the $15 by using prom code ALL STAR to get 2nd free pizza ?

  2. what the heck?
    How is this considered free?!
    I swear the blogs from “The Boarding Area” are becoming really weak these days. Too many with too little of content.

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