Shorten your security line wait by ticking off your US Representative

Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,recently complained to the Transportation Security Administration about the long line at Salt Lake City International Airport. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Chaffetz witnessed passengers handing out $50 to other passengers in order to move up in line so they wouldn’t miss their flights.

I have flown out of Salt Lake City for almost 20 years now and have never witnessed a security line longer than 25 minutes and that was before PreCheck was available. In fact, one of the best kept Salt Lake City International secrets is that prior to 10 am, you can walk over to the International terminal which is adjacent to the Delta Terminal and breeze through security even faster as hardly anyone knows it’s there.

However, Chaffetz felt strongly enough to meet with the federal security director for Utah and complain of the lower staffing levels at the security checkpoints. And his complaining worked – Salt Lake City Airport will now add 20 additional full time staff.

Therefore if you want to shorten your own security line wait at your home airport – simply infuriate your US Representative or other elected official and amazing things might happen!


  1. Serving in Congress, Chaffetz would be a US representative. A state representative would serve in the state legislature. They have considerably less influence with TSA.

  2. Chaffetz is a US Representative. A State Representative would serve at the State Capital.

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