The ISIS mobile wallet has a branding problem

The ISIS mobile wallet created in conjunction with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in 2010 has a serious branding problem. It coincidentally has the same name as the radical Islamic militant group that is threatening to blow up a US city and recently filmed the beheading of a US journalist (link does not show the video).

The ISIS mobile wallet has been trying to gain traction in the crowded mobile payment sector by offering promotions such as free $50 for signing up for Serve via the ISIS mobile app or receiving a free small Jamba Juice smoothie every time you pay with ISIS to name a few.

Despite all of their work to establish the ISIS mobile wallet brand, a simple google search currently shows the ISIS name results associated with the radical group rather than the mobile wallet.

ISIS Google Search results

ISIS Google Search results

Therefore ISIS mobile wallet really has no choice but to disassociate and rebrand itself which they indeed announced last month. As of today, however, they have still not announced a new name for the platform.


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