Update on cutting the phone cord with Ooma

Last year I wrote a post about my decision to cut the home phone cord in order to save money towards future travel. I thought that I would write up a little bit about my experience this past year.

The Device
I’ve been very impressed with the Ooma device. In the past year, I have only had 1 – 15 minute period of downtime with the phone. The rest of the time the phone has been working consistently.

Their online dashboard where you can review voicemail, missed calls, and recent calls is neatly setup and easy to use.


The best feature as part of their premier package is an emailed mp3 file whenever anyone leaves a voicemail. I never have to check the machine downstairs as I always have all the messages on the go. I have also enjoyed the ability to block number online for some of those pesky telemarketers.

Having used it for a full year now and saved $360 to date, I would highly recommend the Ooma device and wish I had switched years earlier.


  1. I don’t see a single thing that you can’t do with Google Voice for free but you do need a mobile phone. How is this a savings? If you already have a mobile phone, what’s the point of a device that emulates a landline?

  2. @miami flyer – for my family, my wife wants a landline for when the kids are home etc. plus my cell phone is through my work. I realize there are those that only use cell phones – for those of us who want landlines, this has been a great option

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