Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya trip report – the trip home

The human pin cushion
Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya trip report – pre-trip
The flights
Coconut Grove
The rain forest
Nigeria Air and Sheraton
Flight problems and ATM fun
The trip home

The trip home took me from Nairobi, Kenya to Amsterdam on KLM. It was a 777 with really narrow seats. There was an automatic water dispenser on the exterior of the bathroom area which I thought was quite cool. I originally had an economy comfort seat booked but moved to an exit row aisle seat instead. I never sleep on planes and always prefer to control my own destiny in regards to getting up out of my seat and therefore an aisle is my preferred seat.

There was a short two hour layover in Amsterdam, and then my next flight was Amsterdam to Detroit on an Airbus 320. On this flight, for breakfast they had an organic omelette. On a side note, I’m still skeptical on whether eating anything organic is actually beneficial to you. Maybe it’s the skeptic in me, but given the fact that you can charge a premium for something organic, it seems that human nature would kick in and that people would fake being organic just to make more money. Personally I can’t ever tell a difference between eggs and range free eggs or whether a vegetable is organic or not. I realize that the red bell pepper’s at Costco that are the size of my foot must have had some sort of modification – but is that really harmful? I don’t know. I’m sure there’s some intrinsic overall benefit to eat organic but I personally don’t go out of my way to try to. This time I was in economic comfort rather than exit row aisle seats – however personally I can’t really tell any difference.

The last flight was Detroit to Salt Lake City, with 3 seat and 3 seats and I grabbed an exit row aisle again.

Final thoughts on my first trip to Africa. I would definitely personally return to Ghana and Kenya. Nigeria was a little too crazy for me. The massive amount of people everywhere – Lagos just seemed a little too busy for my personal tastes.


  1. Hahaha ,I don’t blame you for avoiding crazy Nigeria as I’ve personally seen Nigerian immigrants to other parts of Africa say they prefer their new place over the chaos of their homeland.

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