Free one year membership or extension of Shoprunner with American Express card

What is Shoprunner?
Shoprunner is a shipping service similar to Amazon Prime where you receive free 2 day shipping and free returns from participating retailers. The 1 year service usually costs $79 a year. American Express is offering a free one year membership or extension with an eligible American Express card.

How to get one year free

Existing members
1. Login to your Shoprunner account.
2. At the top of the page, you will see an offer for a special deal from American Express.
3. Click on that deal and validate your American Express card and billing address.
4. Your membership will be extended for one year. Terms and condition here.

New members
1. Sign up here.
2. You will have a free membership for one year, you do not need to provide a credit card and therefore will not be charged after the year is up. Terms and condition here.


  1. They must be getting desperate. I did a 1 year free trial back in 2011 that ended September 2012. It was automatically extended until December 2012 and then again through December 2013. Now with this it ends on 1/1/15.

  2. Terms say 1 promotional membership per eligible card. Anyone know if you can extend for 4 years if you have 4 eligible cards?

  3. Doesn’t make too much sense? I just looked at Ebags as an example. On the Chase UR you get 8x points and free shipping over $25. So maybe it’s not two day shipping, but big whoop. Sports Authority has free shipping on orders more than $75. Maybe you have to stretch and order some things you didn’t want originally, but perhaps not. Tennis shoes are expensive! SA is 4x in the UR mall.

    So what is the appeal? Free shipping? Maybe on stuff like dogfood from Petsmart? But they only charge $2.99 for shipping on orders more than $75. How much does dogfood cost anyway?

  4. @Lawrence In my experience ( and, you can use ShopRunner free shipping and go through a shopping portal at the same time. Most sites let you log into ShopRunner right on the shipping page and remembers me as a ShopRunner member no matter what shopping portal I go through.

  5. @ Lawrence – I’ve never had trouble using ShopRunner with a shopping portal. The appeal, from my perspective, is: (1) no minimum purchase amount; sometimes I just need a bottle of shampoo and don’t want to buy other items to get to $25, (2) free return shipping, b/c for many things (shoes, e.g.) it’s hard to gauge fit/comfort without trying on, and (3) 2-day shipping, which is usually much faster than the retailer’s free shipping.

  6. It appears that they actually add your AMEX card as the default payment for ‘2-click checkout’ as part of this process. Just FYI.

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