Thank you for smoking

I recently took a flight from Nigeria to Kenya on Kenya Airways. It’s an older plane and I was surprised to see an actual ashtray to put your cigarettes in. There are signs, of course, that say no smoking but still a bit amusing.


  1. I am pretty sure I have seen an ashtray on every plane I have been on, even though there are more than 3 signs per cubic feet of plane that says do not smoke. I do also find it comical.

    Smoking has been banned on many if not all flights but there was an incident about 30 years ago where a small fire had started when someone inappropriately discarded his/her cigarette, even though smoking had already been banned for a few years before that and on the flight in question. That’s why you’ll continue to see ashtrays on all planes.

  2. You mustn’t travel a lot. FAA regulations dictate that all airplanes that fly in the US need an ashtray in the lavatory (and a smoke detector as well). And most other regulatory bodies follow much of what FAA imposes.

  3. So that picture is taken from inside the lavatory?
    I don’t know if I ever saw a plane without an ashtray inside the lavatory.
    As I understand it it is because just in case that someone does not follow the rules he has a safe place to put the cigarette. Instead of putting it into the toilet or to ignite the paper towels in the trash or something like that.
    Nevertheless, it’s always an interesting sight 😉

  4. Hey I still remember the days when I was a kid and you’d level out at 10K and the announcement would come on saying that you could now smoke!

  5. all plane bathrooms have ashtrays still today (even US based airlines)… pretty sure its a requirement

    The thought is that if you are to break the rules and smoke, you should at least dispose of the butt safely and not down the toilet or somewhere to start a fire

  6. I guess I need to spend more time in bathrooms when I fly – assumed it was due to it being an old plane – thanks for setting me straight!

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