Mistaking Margherita for a Margarita

Utah is a pretty conservative state overall and that filters down to places of employment. It is common to have company travel policies prohibiting the reimbursement of alcoholic beverages. Personally this isn’t an issue as I don’t drink alcohol, but it does lend itself to some comedic moments.

I recently took a trip to London for work and while there visited a restaurant called Pizza Express. As I looked at their menu, I decided on a traditional Margherita pizza with tomato and Mozzarella. The food was fantastically fresh and was very enjoyable.

When I got home, I turned in all of my receipts for reimbursement. I received this email from our accounting department the following day.

Dear Milesquest,

I have a question about the Pizza Express receipt. Your receipt includes a margarita with no note that it is virgin. I will need your confirmation that it is indeed virgin otherwise it cannot be reimbursed.

Thank you,

To which I replied:

Dear Accounting,

Margharita is a type of Italian pizza with tomatoes and cheese – not an alcoholic drink.


Have any of you ever had some reimbursement shenanigans happen?


  1. I have claimed mileage driving to/from my airport, along with “parking” (no location specified, but DID include the clearly marked airport parking receipt) and got the question “where did you park”

    and MANY instances of “how did you land before you took off” on trips to/from asia

  2. Haha, awesome. Should put some “shots” of espresso and other things with funny names next time.

  3. Funny.
    As a risk professional, I’m impressed w/ your firm. Actually reading the receipts is good. I’d send a note back recognizing them for their excellent work. These are the types of people that catch the big things because something small seemed wrong.

  4. Alan makes a good point. I’m pretty sure the company I work for doesn’t even read our receipts. I personally don’t go beyond the limits of what we’re allowed to reimburse. But I’ve heard of coworkers getting stuff like flight upgrades, personal souvenirs, and nightclub outings reimbursed.

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