11 year old flies to Rome without a passport or ticket

There is an incredible story out of England about an 11 year old that ran away from his mom at the mall. He decided to head to the local airport and somehow was able to get past security without a passport or a ticket.

He was then able to board the flight and it was only half way to Rome before the passengers and flight crew became suspicious.

Once they landed in Rome, they contacted his mom and he was put on the next flight back to England.

It begs the question – did they let the 11 year old earn miles for the flights? 🙂


  1. if he departed outside of the EU, this would cause a worldwide panic in airport security… the fact of the matter is that Manchester Airport in the EU is to blame.. They have become too lax and its such a small airport that it treats its passengers like family. He blended in with other kids, so thats pretty easy.. as to getting a seat, well.. where did he sit? surely it wasnt an oversold flight

  2. Ha! So much for “Security.” I note that this happened in the UK, but If id did not know better, I’d think the multiple screw-ups were courtesy of Amerika’s TSA. Nice that the kid got home OK.

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