Open letter to Tom’s of Maine

Before I start into my long overdue trip report on a recent trip to Africa – I need to get one thing off of my chest, or out from under my arms as it were.

Dear Tom’s of Maine,

You may be all natural and “aluminum-free and propylene glycol-free”. You probably have a lot of devoted followers. I made the unfortunate mistake of deciding to try your deodorant product for the first time on a trip to sub Saharan Africa. It was the worst decision of my life. The deodorant flat out doesn’t work and compounding the problem was the sweltering heat. It brought back memories of riding the tunnelbana (subways) in Stockholm in the summer. The stench was intense. You have been removed from my toiletry bag permanently.

That is all,


  1. I couldn’t agree more’. I just bought some and it didn’t work here in Texas on a hot day. And all I did was spend a few hours doing normal stuff. Worse stuff I ever bought.

  2. Tom’s deodorant is not also an anti-perspirant like most of the deodorants you’ll find. So, it’ll help the smell but won’t slow down the wetness. Over a while, that can build up in a bad way.

    But it isn’t that their product doesn’t do what it should – it just wasn’t designed to do what you expected.

  3. Trips to sub-saharan Africa is probably not the best time to give deoderant a trial run

  4. I was searching the internet for a Tom’s of Maine toothpaste coupon and was somehow directed to your post…I couldn’t help but quickly read it and chuckle. But hey, if you’re seeking a natural deo that actually works, I highly recommend Crystal brand. They have a variety of choices and a men’s line called Rock. Good luck!

  5. Natural deodorant is an oxymoron. Just use the stuff that works. Tom’s fails miserably when it comes to deodorant and antiperspirants.

  6. Yeah, the deodorant doesn’t even work for me overnight. Sucks! Their toothpaste, however is great!

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