Free $25 from American Express

I know this isn’t travel related per se, but thought I would pass it along anyways.

American Express is offering $25 free for ordering one of their prepaid cards.

Step 1: Go here.
Step 2: Click “Get your card free”
Step 3: Create your account. In the promo code field on the first page, enter AEPC25.
Step 4: Select “I wil load the Card with cash, or add a funding source at a later time.”
Step 5: The card will arrive in 5 business days.
Step 6: Load the card with $25 in within 45 days.
Step 7: You will receive a free $25 Amex Card in 45 days.
Step 8: Use the $50 however you wish including withdrawing from an ATM


UPDATE: Possibly targeted, personally I would still try it as it doesn’t cost anything to try


  1. Thanks for the find, but how do you know they will send a $25 card later? I’ve tried to find all the fine print on the promo page and order page but don’t see any mention of it. You’ve already done it?

  2. I do apologize that this code is only valid for the original email recipents from AMEX offering this promo code.
    This has been verified from AMEX.
    Thank you.

  3. Jason, This is a “TARGETED OFFER” only to those who received an e-mail from AMEX. I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with Amex and they’ll send you an e-mail advising you of this.

  4. so if it accepts the code does that mean it’s not targeted? can anybody else confirm you can do this three times?

  5. This is the most useless card product I’ve ever experienced. Couldn’t get the website to work (i.e., could log back in once I created an account), couldn’t get the card charged, and Amex’s usual customer service (as a Platinum card holder) is pathetic if you have this card. I’ve just cancelled my card and gave up on the bonus.

  6. Hi – tried this back in Feb, and just today got a notice from Amex saying they can’t fulfill the $25, but instead offering me $50 if I sign my card up for a $250+ direct deposit. And once that happens twice, they’ll provide me the $50. But my mind goes right to “well, I did what you said last time and you didn’t do your part…” Hmmm…

    Thank you for ordering the American Express® Prepaid Card. Unfortunately you are not eligible for the promotion entered with your order and we are unable to send you a $25 bonus Gift Card. We hope this does not cause you any inconvenience.

    If you would like to redeem the balance on your Card, you can call us to request a refund check. Or you can take advantage of another valuable promotion that includes a $50 bonus1 — please see below for more details.

    Sign up for direct deposit and get a $50 bonus.

    Now you can get all or part of your paycheck automatically loaded onto your American Express Prepaid Card with direct deposit through your employer. Your money is available on payday, and it can be replaced at no charge if your Card is lost or stolen.

    Plus, you’ll receive a $50 credit to your Card1 after you make two direct deposits of $250 or
    more — per paycheck — by July 31, 2012. So sign up today.

    If you prefer to redeem the remaining balance on your Card:

    • Option 1: Spend it — use the Card at millions of places online and in stores, wherever
    American Express® Cards are accepted.

    • Option 2: Request a refund check — simply call the number on the back of your Card.

  7. @shawn – thanks for following up. I too haven’t seen my extra $25. Probably not worth tying up an additional $250

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