1000 Free Membership Rewards Points for Platinum Amex holders for trying a bed

Hästens (The horse in Swedish) is offering 1000 Free Membership Rewards points for Platinum American Express holder for trying one of their beds in a showroom.

Hästen makes their beds by hand in Köping, Sweden and has been appointed Purveyor to the King of Sweden.

    There are eights stores in the US to choose from:

Beverly Hills, California
Santa Barbara, California
Chicago, Illinois
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Soho, New York
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Madison, Wisconsin

Book an appointment time online, visit their showroom, try the bed, show your American Express Platinum card and they will mail or email you a certificate for 1,000 Membership Rewards points.

The offer ends October 31st.



  1. Appointment was really easy. They seemed to know what I was talking about when I mentioned the American Express enticement to visit their store. The beds were pretty damn comfortable, but at the price of an entry level Toyota, I’d probably pass. I feigned interest for 20 minutes, gave my address to which they said they would mail the 1000MR certificate and left with some hefty mattress literature. For a day when I didn’t really have much else going on, it was easy.

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