1. Why so many calls and follow up? Would you be willing to provide more details?

    I am in the same boat, with an annotated account, but recent feedback has stated that they aren’t honoring this anyhow.

  2. I am having the same issue. I have in writing from AMEX that they are honoring the bonus. When I hit the threshold they didn’t post. I spoke with AMEX today, and they said I had to wait for 2 months after hitting the threshold for the points. They are concerned that if they manually issue them today, they may also automtically post.

  3. Please don’t share any details. We all have the David’s of the world who keep pushing way past the point of prudence, such that the AMEX’s of the world finally say .. enough , start annotating the file , call a meeting put a stop to any bump’s for good, for all of us 🙁

  4. Mark, what a crock. Ala Seinfeld, “No points for you!”

    David, call MR again. If they refuse to honor their commitment ask for the phone number of the executive office. The executive office didn’t give me the run around and issued my points.

  5. I’m into my 8th phone call and 3rd supervisor, the latest of whom had to have their techies “fix it through the back end”. I’m kind of feeling they’ve done the same to me!

  6. My annotation was honored today. I asked for a supervisor after the original rep said No. Posted instantly.

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