I’m back to Delta Platinum again

It’s been a while since I was Delta Platinum so it feels good to finally be back especially since 2011 is going to be a busy travel year.

I also sprung for the American Express Platinum card for lounge access and the mountain of Membership Reward points that came with it.

My biggest dilemma now is what to pick for my Choice benefit – Silver status for my wife or 4 Systemwide Upgrades? I’m leaning towards Silver status for her since the last time I was Platinum, the Systemwide Upgrades went unused as I was never traveling on an expensive enough fare.

Does anyone have any recent experience with the Systemwide Upgrades – are they any easier to use now?


  1. I think SWUs are even harder to use on Delta now. M fares have skyrocketed — for example if you wanted to use a SWU to Johannesburg you’d have to pay $4000.

    However, you can now use SWUs on Air France & KLM which are a pretty good deal.

  2. The system wide upgrades are frankly a waste. I never used mine last year because I book through a corp travel site and never have the right fare class. As a Platinum, I am almost always upgraded anyway. I had planned to use them for trips where my family was traveling with me. That only worked once all year.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Congrad’s on PM. I did the GOLD AMEX MR 50k and made it to PM again as well. I think the SWU’s are junk as well. I only used one due to an INT schedule change that got me up to FULL Y class and then I could use one.

    Silver is nice for wife (mine earned her own) but no upgrades for her on free tickets anymore btw. If you two fly together she does get 2 bags but that is about the only extra perk. If she fly’s alone it is nice. The 20k miles is best choice for most I would say. (it is what I pick each year).

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