$10 Coinstar Bonus for $40 cash

Redeem $40 in coins at Coinstar and get a $10 bonus by mail to ITunes, Lowe’s, Borders, or Amazon by filling out a form online.

I have a mountain of dollar coins – I will definitely be doing this deal. I did this last year for Amazon and it worked just perfectly.

Link to ITunes
Link to Lowe’s
Link to Borders
Link to Amazon (starts Dec 9th)


  1. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for this. Can you do many ie get say 10 or 20 per $50 run of coins? I have never used coinstar – what is the fee? Do the credits have a min spend? Do the expire? Txs!

  2. @deltaGOLDflyer – Last year the max was two per household. There is no fee if you choose to redeem for a gift card from any of the four merchants above. Otherwise, it’s 8.5 cents per dollar redeemed.

    The credits do not have a minimum spend and I don’t recall any expiration but am unsure about that.

    Easy $20!

  3. Looks like AMZ is not just Toys:
    “Get a $10 bonus code for toys and games or
    millions of other items at Amazon.com when
    you cash in for an Amazon.com eCertificate.”

  4. Thanks for the deals. Unfortunately the Amazon $10 bonus code can’t be combined with the other Amazon gift cards deposited already in the account.

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