Traveling with an infant internationally

I have an upcoming trip to the Bahamas with my wife and infant in arms. This will be the first time we have traveled international with an infant.

Our resort does not sell processed baby food and it’s our understanding that the local stores are extremely expensive.

We want to bring our own jarred and packaged baby food to insure that she has enough food. We originally thought that we would pack the baby food sold in plastic containers in our checked suitcase. However, I felt like the baby food would probably get destroyed during luggage handling.

We therefore want to pack it with us in our carry on baggage. I looked at the TSA website for some guidelines and it is very vague.

To quote from their site:

You are encouraged to travel with only as much formula, breast milk, or juice in your carry-on needed to reach your destination.

You are allowed to bring gel or liquid-filled teethers, canned, jarred, or processed baby food in your carry-on baggage and aboard your plane.

My interpretation of the above is that you can only bring enough formula / juice for the trip but that jarred or processed baby food can be brought in any quantity.

Before we pack all of this in our carryon and have TSA throw it all away as we go through security, has anyone had any experience with what the limits are in regards to baby food? Also, has anyone attempted to pack glass / plastic containers of baby food in their checked luggage?


  1. Jason –

    I have travelled with all three of my kids internationally when they were infants. Last fall to the Bahamas, two months ago to Croatia. To Croatia, I travelled with baby food/formula in my diaper bag, and, unless I opted to be tested with crazy additional measures (i.e. WAY more time in the security lane), I needed to open each item and STILL have it tested again to the side of the security screening, thereby defeating the purpose of having it with me, as it had to be used within a few hours. However, having said that, I only ever bring enough for the travel and maybe one day. The rest I pack. I have used both the plastic and glass containers with no problems each time. Just pack them around a towel and/or in socks if you want to be extra safe. Good luck!

  2. My wife and I have travelled extensively with our two infants … We’ve been to Asia, Africa, South America and much of the Middle East … Our best advice is to take a stick blender, a polycarbonate or steel cup large enough for the stick blender and a immersion heater … Its ludicrously easy with this setup to make healthy, nutritious and fast food for your infant … make sure to take an adapator for your locale and a mini powerstrip … we made Guava puree in Costa Rica, Mango puree in Sri Lanka, Jackfruit puree in Vietnam … kids ***loved*** it, healthy, easy, fast, sterile … mix in some powdered formula if your concerned about nutrition … no hassles from TSA, leaking jars, extra weight and you can be abroad for an unlimited time

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