Moscow tops list of most expensive hotel rates

Bloomberg reported that Moscow tops the list of most expensive average hotel rates.

Having stayed in Moscow quite a few times, this comes as no surprise. This is certainly a shortage of good quality hotel rooms in Moscow.

I have overpaid and stayed at all of the Marriott properties in Moscow and can recommend that you stay at the Holiday Inn Lesnaya. It is down the street from Tverskaya, the main road in Moscow and right by a subway station, Belorusskaya. There is even an airport train that leaves from Belorusskaya.

Average rate at the Holiday Inn is about $250 per night which is a bargain in Moscow.

If you tire of eating traditional Russian fare, there is even a TGI Fridays and Benihanas down the street from the hotel.

If you want amusement, head to TGI Fridays on a weekend night. Here you find 40-50+ aged American men sitting at a table with a 20+ aged Russian woman. It is all so obvious it is laughable and sad at the same time.

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