I am cheap

Or as Elaine said to George Costanza “You’re very careful with money.” My frugality does not only apply to traveling. It also applies to everyday purchasing as well.

Two months ago when Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 came out on Blu Ray, Toys R Us was selling the combo pack for $15.00. The combo pack came with two coupons for free tickets ($8.50 a piece) to Toy Story 3.

On top of that, Kellogg’s was running a promotion where you could buy Frosted Flakes and receive points towards free concessions. We found Kellogg’s on sale for $1.70 a box and bought 5 boxes.

So – today we bought 4 matinee tickets at $5.50 a piece for $22.00. We used the two free ticket vouchers of $8.50 a piece which bought the price down to $6.

For concessions, we used our 2 – $5 concession coupons and ended up paying $.75 for a large popcorn and drink.

Total bill – $6.75.

I’m pretty proud of my stinginess!

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