25000 Extra Priority Club points for 2 night Intercontinental stay

Priority Club Insider points to a new offer of 25,000 extra Priority Club points for staying 2 consecutive nights any day of the week at an Intercontinental Hotel between 1 June and 30 September.

They point out that you must book with the special rate code of IKA25

I am currently amassing Priority Club points and will definitely take advantage of this offer.

You can earn up to 75,000 points using this offer. Make sure and check the rate with this code as opposed to the regular rate to make sure the spread isn’t too large.


  1. How do rates compare using this code vs other available rates (what kind of premium if any are you paying for the bonus points)?

  2. @Gary – it looks like at the Intercontinental Boston rates were about $350 per night using this code as opposed to $215 without it, so a premium of about $125.

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