Essential Travel Gear

There are a few items that I’m pretty particular about before I embark on a trip. I usually carry a backpack instead of a rolling carry on. I know that it’s not as professional looking, but it’s just so much more convenient. The backpack I have has a top zipper where I put all of my elite status cards, ear plugs, eye shades, and earbud headphones.

Inside the backpack, I have a travel wallet with a zipper where I put all of my printed off confirmations from hotels and airlines. I use to have a pretty flimsy zipper bag, but this travel wallet was a free gift from Hilton for hitting Diamond status.

I’m too cheap to buy the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, I’m instead opted for Plane Quiet headphones that do a great job for my needs.

I also have my 80 GB ipod that I picked up on clearance packed with songs and podcasts.

I always carry my laptop with an extended battery that gets 4 1/2 hours of battery life. I’ll also rent some movies before I leave to watch on the plane. Most of the movies they show on planes are simply awful. Legally Blonde 2? Meet Dave?

There was one time on a trip to Russia where I rented Miracle without thinking of my destination. I sat in the exit row window seat. A huge burly Russian guy that could have won World’s Strongest Man plopped down beside me. Once we were airborne, I popped in the movie and started to watch. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was looking pretty intently, but oftentimes people will do this. It was until the final scene that I made the connection. As I glanced over at him, he looked like he was ready to take both firsts and smash my laptop and throw me out the exit door.

I will also take a book or the latest issue of The Economist in my backpack as well.

A small vial of all the medicines you would need for any particular illness that comes up is a must as well.

Lastly, I have a electrical converter kit for plugging in my laptop or ipod.

There are things I don’t take – no neck pillows, or passport holders that go around your neck. I can’t sleep on planes because I’m too tall.

Are there must have items that I’m overlooking?

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