Will Delta Platinum status equate to an over the water bungalow?

Posted on: August 17th, 2014 by: Jason

I posted how my flight back from Tahiti has been delayed due to a fuel issue. After waiting for two hours, they announced that our flight had been cancelled and instructed us to go see a representative in order to get
overnight accommodations.

There were a lot of people in front of me and they were all being told that they would be put up at the Radisson.

My initial thought was that we were all going to be put up in a local hotel so the Radisson seemed like a fine choice.

as I handed the representative my boarding pass, she mentioned “platinum” to her co worker along with some words in French and pulled out a separate sheet.

“Mr. Milesquest, you will be staying at Le Meridien”

I nodded my head in agreement, hiding my joy and headed to the luggage carousel to pick up my bags.

I’m sitting on the bus right now waiting for all passengers to get on. Each person getting on this bus has huge grins on their faces.

So the question is – when we arrive to Le Meridien, will Platinum status get me an over the water bungalow???

The Animal Lounge

Posted on: April 30th, 2012 by: Jason

Business week recently did an article about how transporting animals is a pretty lucrative freight business for some major airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates, and Air France / KLM. Lufthansa alone transported over 110 million creatures last year though the number is a bit deceiving when you take into account the tons of worms and tropical fish included in that number.

Lufthansa even has an animal lounge spawning 3750 square meters that includes the latest in comforts for your animals such as slip proof flooring and a roof to keep the animals dry. No word on if there is unlimited alfalfa or upscale birdseed included with your stay. I assume Animal Planet would be playing on the overhead monitors.

Sample cost of flying a horse from Frankfurt to New York runs about $6,000 and you probably don’t even earn any Miles and More miles for the horse. Lufthansa also cautions, “Please also ensure that you arrive at the airport with your animal in plenty of time before departure. In Frankfurt you should be at check-in at least one hour before departure.” I wonder if you’re allowed to ride your horse to the terminal or perhaps walk alongside your pancake tortoise to check in.

They don’t only specialize in horses, but other animals such as rhinos, hippos, penguins, dogs and pigs.

The next time you’re enjoying yourself at a lounge in Frankfurt, just remember that there are some furry friends that are having an equally enjoyable time at the animal lounge and some parakeets are probably enjoying priority boarding.

Thanks to reader Sice for the tip

Airline World Cup: Qatar Airways vs Air France

Posted on: March 14th, 2012 by: Jason

Vote for your favorite airline between these two. The winner will advance to the next round. The poll will remain open for 48 hours.

Which of these two airlines do you think is the best?

  • Qatar Airways (78%, 31 Votes)
  • Air France (23%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 40

Loading ... Loading ...

The downloadable bracket of all the match ups can be found here.

2000 Flying Blue miles for free

Posted on: February 6th, 2009 by: Jason

Air France has their own frequent flyer program called “Flying Blue”. Sign up for their program here. When you sign up it says

To earn Miles, always provide this number when reserving tickets or checking in.
All the Flying Blue information will be sent to you by email.
You will receive a bonus of 1,000 Miles after you have received your first account statement by email.

Next, go to this questionaire for an additional 1000 miles. I always credit miles flown on Air France to my Delta account, however, Air France is considering merging with Delta / Northwest which makes this short promotion worthwhile.

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