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Recent travel news

Here is some recent travel news: * Moldova is the least visited country in Europe and they’re embracing it * Denver hotel offer $50,000 inflatable room * Astrophysicist tries to solve timing issue with boarding a plane * Delta passenger abandons his luggage to avoid $1,000 in fees

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The airport train that a lot of people won’t be able to use

When Salt Lake City was chosen to host the 2002 Winter Olympics, one of the exciting aspects was the upgrade to Utah’s transportation system. There were new highways and a light rail system called TRAX. Since the Olympics, lots of money has been poured into the extension of TRAX and the creation of a commuter…

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Ensure safe and secure delivery of your checked bag

Reading in the December issue of Forbes, they recommend a foolproof way to make sure your checked bag arrives safe and secure that is apparently used by professional photographers all the time. Put a starter pistol in your checked bag and declare it as a firearm at check-in. Starter pistols are non-lethal guns that use…

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Mistaking Margherita for a Margarita

Utah is a pretty conservative state overall and that filters down to places of employment. It is common to have company travel policies prohibiting the reimbursement of alcoholic beverages. Personally this isn’t an issue as I don’t drink alcohol, but it does lend itself to some comedic moments. I recently took a trip to London…

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A chance to travel to Sweden

Each and everyone one of us usually has ancestors that came from another country. As an American traveling, I’m become appreciative of the different cultures, different landscapes, and different food varieties that are offered. Having ancestors that came from Sweden, I’m especially curious as to how they lived and struggled trying to survive back then.…

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