1 year of The Economist for 1,700 miles

Posted by: Jason

UPDATE 11/27: Alaska, Hawaiian, and Frontier no longer available.

A good use of miles oftentimes is for magazine subscriptions – especially if you have orphan miles from a program you don’t credit that often. I’ve been subscribing to The Economist for the past 6 years by using 3200 miles per year.

For a limited time, Magazines for Miles has a full year subscription to The Economist on sale for 1,700 miles through any of the following programs:

Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Hawaiian, Frontier, United, or US Airways.

Simply go to Mags for Miles and select the airline of your choice. Scroll down to The Economist and fill out the pertinent details.

The fine print at the bottom does say “for new subscribers only” – I guess I’ll put my wife’s name on this subscription.

  • Chris said,

    I only see an option for 3,900 miles for one year — is the offer already pulled?

  • jason said,

    @Chris – strange, I literally took the screenshot and placed an order 30 mins ago

  • jason said,

    @Chris – I still see it using Firefox

  • yong said,

    works for ua,aa,uaw,delta, not working for hawaiian,alaska.

  • Boraxo said,

    Do you get access on Kindle and ipad? Nobody wants to lug printed copies anymore.

  • Jeffery said,

    Yeah, I tried using my Hawaiian miles, the price quoted was double what they quoted for United miles. These guys really aren’t stupid, and here I was trying to get rid of my Hawaiian miles finally for something useful.

  • jason said,

    @Boraxo – I have the Economist app and get access to it there with my subscription

  • jason said,

    @yong – thanks for pointing that out, updated the post

  • Jess said,

    You get access on iOS but not on Kindle. You have to pay for a separate subscription for Kindle, unfortunately.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    I have a few thousand SkyMile that I thought I’d never be able to use. Thanks for the tip Jason!

  • Chris said,

    Ah, yes, I was trying with Hawaiian as well.

  • Sice said,

    Time to use my Frontier miles!

  • jason said,

    @aadvantagegeek – glad I was able to help!

  • Jon said,

    Not working for Frontier now.

  • Ron said,

    Great pick. Cheapest I’ve found The Economist has been $50 via eBay. 1700 miles is great value, particularly since I got 4K UA from the Netflix deal for $9.99, so one year cost me less than $5.

  • jason said,

    Thanks Ron!

  • jason said,

    Thanks Jon for the update.

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