1000 Free Priority Club points is back (and this time it works)

I posted about getting 1000 Free Priority Club points a couple of weeks ago and most of you reported that the points did not post as it appeared to be a unique code.

I’m happy to report that this deal is back on now, as we have the help of reader Iron Monkey to assist with these unique codes.

If you’re interested in getting 1000 Free Priority Club points, then please email Iron Monkey at ironmonkey37@gmail.com. I have verified that this is legit and the points post instantly.

Please show your appreciation for Iron Monkey’s help by posting a comment on this post if it works for you. Thanks again Iron Monkey!

UPDATE: June 3rd – Iron Monkey is out of codes. Thanks again for his help in handing out hundreds of codes to the MilesQuest readers.



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