1000 Free Priority Club points is back (and this time it works)

Posted by: Jason

I posted about getting 1000 Free Priority Club points a couple of weeks ago and most of you reported that the points did not post as it appeared to be a unique code.

I’m happy to report that this deal is back on now, as we have the help of reader Iron Monkey to assist with these unique codes.

If you’re interested in getting 1000 Free Priority Club points, then please email Iron Monkey at ironmonkey37@gmail.com. I have verified that this is legit and the points post instantly.

Please show your appreciation for Iron Monkey’s help by posting a comment on this post if it works for you. Thanks again Iron Monkey!

UPDATE: June 3rd – Iron Monkey is out of codes. Thanks again for his help in handing out hundreds of codes to the MilesQuest readers.

  • B-Rad said,

    Emailing Iron Monkey now. Thanks and much appreciated!

  • Boris said,


  • zbender said,

    Mailed – but waiting for the magical reply….

  • Tina said,

    Sent an email for the code–will let you know if it works.

  • AM said,

    It works! Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • colleen said,

    Yay!!! Sent an email to IronMonkey, got the code, watched the video and VOILA! 1000 PC points for “online video”. Thanks MilesQuest and IronMonkey!!

  • Brandon said,

    Iron Monkey sent me the code and the points posted instantly! Thanks Iron Monkey and thanks MilesQuest!

  • Gene L said,

    Worked, Thanks!

  • Daniel said,

    This worked perfect! That was the EASIEST 1,000 points I have ever earned, and they are in the account already! Thanks Iron Monkey and Miles Quest!

  • Alex said,

    I can confirm – Success!

  • SOLTATIO said,

    Sent the email. Really great of him to share the love this way. Waiting to hear back. Thanks @Ironmonkey & @Jason

  • Jeff D said,

    Code worked and 1000 PC points posted! Thank you!

  • Florian said,

    Mailed him, received the code and it worked like a charm. Thank you very much

  • brian said,

    Thanks! It worked and the points posted. Thanks again IRON MONKEY!

  • Chris said,

    Worked for me! Points in my account in less than a minute.

  • Adam said,

    Emailed and received a response within 25 min. Watched the video and 1000 points instantly appeared! Doesn’t get any easier than that! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Angelina said,

    Points posted instantly!! worked like a charm

  • Kris said,

    I confirm the previous posts. Thanks IronMonkey!

  • Tracy said,

    Sent an email to IronMonkey, got the code, watched the video and got the 1000 PC points instantly. Thanks MilesQuest and IronMonkey!!

  • zbender said,

    Emailed – got a code – watched – and blammo, points posted instantly.

    Thanks, “Monkey”.

  • FF said,

    Got the points instantly. Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • suofei said,

    Works for me and Post instantly! Thanks!

  • SOLTATIO said,

    Got code (man that Ironmonkey replies quickly!), watched video, points posted instantly and updated in my Awarwallet account too! Thanks @IronMonkey

  • Albert Chung said,

    word, instant posting

  • Dan said,

    E-mailed Iron Monkey, received a quick reply, and the miles posted instantly after watching the Chase video.


  • Dave said,

    Thank you! It worked great!

  • irene said,

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • helen mcewen said,

    Thanks for finding this. Cannot wait to try and see if it works.

  • TY said,

    Received the code 5min after sending out the email and points posted instantly.


  • Ryan said,

    Points posted instaneously! Thanks!

  • Asen said,

    posted instantly

  • martin henner said,

    Got 3 codes for our 3 accounts.

    It worked for one.

    One out of 3 is still pretty good.

  • Talljames said,

    Worked almost immediately! Wow!

  • Rakesh said,

    Kudos to ironmonkey. it worked like a charm.

  • Ari said,

    All thumbs (2) up for the monkey! Points posted right quick. Don’t know who he/she is, but keep ‘em coming :)

  • Phil said,

    Worked for me! Thanks!

  • Sam said,

    the 1000 points posted instantly after watching the video. Thanks Iron Monkey!!

  • Peter said,

    Worked just as described. Points posted immediately after video. Thanks Iron Monkey & MilesQuest.

  • Vinay said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey! 1000 points posted instantaneously.

  • pointhuntress said,

    well, sent e-mails over an hour ago…still waiting…


    Sent a mail ! waiting for the codes

  • FlyThai said,

    Used the code but no points :-(

  • dbzblak said,

    Iron Monkey is the real deal, points posted immediately! Thanks.

  • Cam said,

    Thanks, Iron Monkey! Code worked and points posted quickly.

  • Dan said,

    Worked perfectly and instantly.


  • Laura said,

    worked like a charm

  • Rick said,

    Worked as expected! Thanks Iron Monkey and MilesQuest!!

  • Ram said,

    Thank you

  • worldtraveller2 said,

    will send an email to monkey now!

  • racroix said,

    thank you iron monkey!

  • Sachin said,

    Thanks in advance.

  • Alan said,

    The 1000 points posted immediately. Thank you Monkey Man !!!

  • Pat said,

    I watched this video and tried to register many times, but no points either. Thanks for the post.

  • Julio said,

    Thanks IronMoney.

  • JoshL said,

    Points posted on one account within 15 seconds! Other account keeps saying my member number or PIN is wrong, even though it work on priorityclub.com just fine. Any one else have that problem?

    Thanks Iron Monkey, you’re awesome!!

  • nathan said,

    It works! Already posted!

  • Bryan said,

    1000 points posted to my account right after video finished! Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • Edward Ross said,

    Definitely works. Thanks so much.

  • emily said,

    not to be paranoid, but i think you should change the email address to ironmonkey37 {AT} gmail {DOT} com so that it doesn’t get picket up by spam list crawlers..

    thanks iron monkey for the code!

  • Crying Baby On Board said,

    Works like a charm….Points post instantaneously!

  • Luis said,

    Points posted instantly, thank you!!

  • Olga said,

    Already got the 1k points!


  • Alexis said,

    I’ve sent an email to Iron Monkey. I’m really appreciative to you and Iron Monkey for sharing this!

  • Mikey said,

    Iron Monkey is awesome! The 1000 points posted INSTANTLY – fastest I’ve ever seen. Will GOOGLE him and follow faithfully if he starts a blog.

  • Mike said,

    Points posted within 5 seconds! Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • Dave said,

    Posted right away. Thanks!

  • Heather said,

    I’ve watched this video before with no points posted because I used a mass distributed code. This time, with the individual code, the points posted within a minute. Also worked for my husband’s account with a different code. Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • JH said,

    Points posted nearly instantly, thanks again!

  • Delta Points said,

    worked PERFECT and instant! many many thanks IM!

  • Alex said,

    It worked great! Thanks, Iron Monkey

  • Chris said,

    Another success here (in the UK) so thanks to Iron Monkey.

  • kirik said,

    Mailed IronMonkey and got the code. Points posted as soon as the video ended. Thank you.

  • David said,

    Worked for me, thank you Iron Monkey!

  • Alex said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey!!! :)

  • pointhuntress said,

    Got the codes, but for all 3 accounts I get the message that the PIN is wrong and the video won’t load. Any ideas out there?

  • Sweeney said,

    I got the wrong-PIN message on my account, but was able to log in on my husband’s account and get the 1,000 points for him immediately after video. Not sure why, as I was able to log in on PC homepage with normal log in info…

    Thank you, Iron Monkey!

  • jason said,

    it was easy 1000 free points!!!!
    thanks Iron Monkey!

  • Carolyn said,

    Worked for me! Thanks Iron Monkey.

  • Howie said,

    emailed, got a response 2 hours later with a code, points deposited immediately. Thanks IM!

  • Coleman said,

    Thanks, Iron Monkey…got my points and the video was “painless”!

  • glu800 said,

    Awesome!! Worked instantly for me! Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • Pat said,

    thanks Iron for quick reply & code liked the video

  • Vito said,

    It worked! Thank you so much Iron Monkey!

  • Cara said,

    Thanks Iron monkey! Points Posted immediately.

  • Spencer Wheelwright said,

    Looks legit–my points posted immediately!

  • Randall said,

    worked for me…

  • Babs said,

    Its legit , thanks to iron monkey

  • sean said,

    Thanks to Ironmonkey. He’s legit. How does he get so many codes?

  • Bob said,

    Just did this – Points posted instantly Thanks Iron Monkey!!!!

  • Kathy said,

    Success! Points posted instantly. Thanks!

  • Kathy said,

    @pointhuntress: If it actually said your PIN is wrong (as opposed to the code being invalid), you should click on “Forgot PIN or Member Number?”

    Did you try that?

  • Evgeny said,

    It works!
    Thank you very much.

  • Zhanna said,

    Thank you iron monkey! It worked and the points posted immediately.

  • IrishRed said,

    Posted instantly, thanks!

  • JV said,

    Thank you iron monkey! The points posted immediately.

  • jim a said,

    love the monkey!– worked as above

  • andrew said,

    legit worked right away

  • Alexis L said,

    Worked for me!

  • sice said,

    Points posted immediately and even showed my new balance on the page after the video.

  • renee said,

    points posted thanks iron monkey

  • Craig said,

    worked like a charm!

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  • Jo C said,

    thanks, ironmonkey
    points posted immediately.
    thanks, thanks, thanks

  • Tim said,

    Got the points right away. Thanks!

  • Another 1,000 Free Priority Club Points - Point Me To The Plane said,

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  • TheBeerHunter said,

    worked for me too — thanks Iron Monkey! :)

  • HR said,

    Worked just fine and the points posted as soon as the video was over! Thanks a lot, IronMonkey!

  • Linda said,

    The points posted immediately. Thanks IronMonkey and MilesQuest for helping me get closer to my vacation goal.

  • Chuck said,

    Iron Monkey responded quickly, the code worked, and the points posted immediately. Thanks Iron Monkey!!!

  • Tom said,

    instant points – thanks

  • Amy said,

    thanks iron monkey and jason!

  • Illian said,

    Iron Monkey….you are actually DA MAN ! The points posted instantly! Works like a charm !

  • ZH said,

    Got my code from Iron Monkey – watched video and within an hour, 1000 pt were in my account! Thx Iron Monkey!

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  • murtuza said,

    Have send you an email Iron Monkey.. Thanks in advance

  • Stefan said,

    Thanks to Ironmonkey!

    It worked fine for me. The points were credited within a few houres.

  • CatJo said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey – worked great!

  • Brian R. said,

    Thank you Iron Money! Posted instantly! He is legit!

  • Ki7roy said,

    My points posted immediately.

  • gp said,

    It worked! good stuff

  • James said,

    Worked for me too. That’s one monkey I wouldn’t spank. ;)

  • Jivepicnic said,

    Thanks, Iron Monkey! Code worked, and points posted within seconds.

  • sachin said,

    posted immediately….u r the best!

  • jamiepoints72 said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey! Posted instantly! Credible and trustworthy source!

  • Roberto P said,

    I am too late?

  • DJ said,

    Holy Bananas! It worked and the points posted immediately! THANKS!! (30 May, 6:30pm)

  • KateFromCA said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey! The points posted immediately!

  • Ben said,

    Thanks, my points posted immediately!

  • Marshall Jackson said,

    Points posted immediately! Iron Monkey rocks.

  • Amy said,

    Raise a banana to Iron Monkey! Thanks!

  • david said,

    Thank you IronMoney! Posted instantly!

  • Alex said,

    Thanks Monkey dude! Points posted right away!

  • stateofdecay said,

    Just sent the email. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Lance said,

    IronMonkey rocks – this worked GREAT!!!

  • Cory said,

    Iron Monkey is legit. Instant points. Like the monkey in the petting zoo, I love me some freebies.

  • Li said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey – worked great!

  • Bitachu said,

    just watched it and it looks legit.points posted a sec after video

  • Stan said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey and Milesquest. Points posted immediately.

  • melvin said,

    great work, points posted instantly! easiest 1000 points ever! =) thanks

  • RF said,

    Received codes for two accounts from Iron Monkey and points posted on both accounts after watching video. Needed to use seperate computer/browser for each account.


  • Winston said,

    Thanks jason and iron monkey!

  • Travelingman818 said,

    Thank you very much. Points posted immediately!!!

  • Isaac said,

    Worked great. Thanks!

  • Mike F said,

    Points posted on my account within seconds! My wifes account keeps saying my member number or PIN is wrong, even though it does work on priorityclub.com just fine. Tried at work later and still no luck DO I need a different code? Thank you Iron Monkey!

  • BeachMiles said,

    I am emailing IronMonkey now. Thanks.

  • BOShappyflyer said,

    Didn’t work for me, but I think it may been because I may have clicked on a similar promotion many many months ago. I totally appreciate Iron monkey’s quick response. It definitely is legit.

  • SI said,

    just sent an email and waiting

  • Wndrstr said,

    Requesting code. Thanks

  • AB in Boston said,

    Thanks to Iron Monkey – points posted immediately!

  • Nathan said,

    It worked as advertised on here. Just email and ask for a code. Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • christo said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey…. the code worked like a charm.
    It’s never been so easy to get 1000 Priority Points posting so quickly.

  • Frank said,

    I got code from Iron. Thank!

  • airshadow said,

    After finishing the video it showed my correct balance + 1000 on the final page. But when I log into my PC account it doesn’t show – so it didn’t work for me.

  • Joanna said,

    Miles posted instantly after watching the video, thanks Iron Monkey!

  • fotobrad said,

    Posted immediately. Thanks ‘Iron Monkey’!

  • Erica said,

    It worked Iron monkey thank you!

  • Nico said,

    Points confirmed! Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • AZguy said,

    Worked great. Points posted in minutes. Thank you Ironmonkey.

  • HCRY said,

    Thanks to Monkey and Jason – you are the the best! Points posted immediately and confirmed on Superfly.

  • HNg said,

    Thanks Monkey! Points posted in minutes!

  • SC said,

    It worked flawlessly. Thanks Ironmonkey.

  • buschoi said,

    1,000 points have posted! Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • worldtraveller2 said,

    ironmonkey and jason rock! points posted immediately!

  • BizTraveler said,

    Emailing Iron Monkey right now!

  • Silvia said,

    I got mine right away.

  • resonance said,

    Got the points immediately after watching the video. Quick, easy way to get 1000 points.

  • jose said,

    It worked. thanks iron monkey. :)

  • Paul said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey! Points added instantly.

  • Svenfly said,

    Send you a email IronMonkey hops i got the 1000 Free Points too. Thanks, Svenfly

  • Richard said,

    ‘Does what it says on the tin’ – thanks

  • LS said,

    Great! Thanks!

  • AAS said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey. Received code and got 1000 points each for wife and myself!!!

  • Jae said,

    ThanksIron Monkey! The points posted immediately!

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  • Mike said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey, worked like a charm!

  • Tina said,

    Hmm–the code worked, and I watched the video, but did not receive any points. Is this maybe a one-time thing? I watched the video with a code from a hotel last December and received 1,000 points then…

  • Sven said,

    Iron Monkey thanks so much, it worked and now I have another 1000 points.

  • Ralf said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey!

    this is legit and works

  • MS said,

    Many thanks, Monkey! Points posted right away.

  • Jennifer said,

    Thanks, the points credited immediately!!!!!

  • Steelgal32 said,

    Iron monkey’s the real deal!! Easy points..

  • jason said,

    @Tina / yes, it is a one time thing.

  • DL said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey! I got the points in less than 24 hours.

  • Chris said,

    Worked like a charm! Points posted instantly after watching! Much thanks to Iron Monkey!

  • Chris J said,


  • Eric said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey, received a quick reply, and the miles posted instantly after watching video.

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  • Sandeep said,

    Posted instantly! Thanks for this!!

  • Jonathan said,

    Ironmonkey, ur d best :) posted instantly.

  • Josinei said,

    Mine says wrong PIn and/or club number, and both are right. im able to sign in with it. tried changing it anyways and still the same message? Any suggestions?

  • Cdiddy said,

    Emailed him yesterday but never got a response. Oh well. Was worth a shot!

  • jason said,

    @ joseini – people have reported success by calling customer sevice

  • sbagdon said,

    email return in a few hours, after the video the points balance showed the posted miles. very cool!

  • phil said,

    points hit IMMEDIATELY, thanks!

  • Twinky said,

    Worked, Thaks!

  • MichaelP said,

    Got the code and it worked! Points posted almost instantly!
    Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • Million Mile Secrets said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • GimmeHung said,

    It works for me. Thanks Ironmonkey and Jason. But it doesn’t work for my wife. Cleared cache, it didn’t work. Used another browser, it didn’t work either. By the way, when I watched the video with my wife’s account, the promotion was 60k while mine was 80k. Does this decide if someone can get the point?

  • JAbrams72 said,

    Wow, thanks! Fast and efficient–appreciate it Iron Monkey!

  • MLfever said,

    Iron Monkey, thanks for the assistance! :)

  • CCORD said,

    It works Iron Monkey. THanks points posted immediately.

  • jason said,

    @gimmehung – shouldn’t make the difference but grab that 80k offer – no minimum spend , no annual fee first year!

  • Lucas said,

    “Mine says wrong PIn and/or club number, and both are right. im able to sign in with it. tried changing it anyways and still the same message? Any suggestions?”
    Same here! Didn´t work for me, or my GF…..

  • Michael said,

    cool beans

  • Jack said,

    Worked perfectly and points posted instantly.Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • YK said,

    Tina said,

    Hmm–the code worked, and I watched the video, but did not receive any points. Is this maybe a one-time thing? I watched the video with a code from a hotel last December and received 1,000 points then…

    Same exact experience as Tina reported above for two different accounts. The screens after watching the video showed extra 1,000 points but they didn’t post. May be it is one time thing as I already did it in January after picking up the code at the hotel.

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  • Brent said,

    Worked for me. Thanks Iron Monkey!

  • Enigma said,

    sent a mail ironmonkey last night. still waiting for his response.

  • ykk said,

    emailed last night and have not received a response yet, but thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Nick said,

    Sent an email. Free points are the best points

  • dave said,

    thanks much for the assistance. couldn’t have done it without you !!

  • Capt Squeak said,

    I’m from Australia and I got the 1000 points. Thanks Ironmonkey

  • cheapgambler said,

    it works. Thank you

  • Tim said,

    Many thanks, it worked, appreciate it. You’re the man! (or monkey!)

  • DaninSTL said,

    sent email. Hope this works as well as everyone says. Thanks.

  • ben said,

    works like a charm

  • drew said,

    how long did it take others to get a response? i emailed earlier this am and no response yet?

  • Jerry said,

    Sent 2 emails to IronMonkey over about a seven hour period, no response . Does anyone else have the code or is the deal over unless you call Priority Club ??

  • Larry said,

    Did not work for me and a friend — it’s been almost 24 hours since we sent emails to IronMonkey and no points.

  • Gary K said,

    Sent the email awaiting the response!


  • jason said,

    I’m sure he’ll respond – must have given out 300+ codes by now – give him a little time

  • darsben said,

    He doesn’t monkey around he replies fast.
    No monkey business this is the real deal I got the points
    and monkey see monkey do so I did

  • Brent said,

    E-mailed ironmonkey 10 hours ago and no response

  • DanR NYC said,

    Waiting on IronMonkey’s hookup code… Thx…

  • CJ said,

    didn’t work for me – getting the same pin/member number error message even though the numbers are definitely corrrect. called customer service and they said they couldn’t help.

  • Lee said,

    I got the code and link, then received the 1,000 points immediately. Thanks!

  • NewToMiles said,

    Waiting for IronMonkey’s code, excited though (emailed him this morning)

  • BothofUs2 said,

    Emailed ironmonkey 24 hours ago, no response yet but maybe he is very busy. Glad others are having success though.

  • s k said,

    mailed, waiting for reply

  • yunyunyu said,

    code and points

  • jsmen said,

    waiting for reply

  • NANcy said,

    Emailing Iron Monkey now. Thanks and much appreciated

  • Rebecca D. said,

    I emailed Iron Monkey on Wednesday night but have not heard back…maybe this offer expired?

  • verteiler said,

    Thank you!

  • Todd Phoenix said,

    Emailed ironmonkey yesterday morning – no response so far . . .

  • Anil said,

    Emailed Iron Monkey on 5/31, waiting for reply… Am I too late to the game?

  • stephanie said,

    Haven’t heard back from IronMonkey yet and it’s been 7 hours. Maybe he’s taking the weekend off

  • Iron Monkey said,

    Hi everyone. Sorry for the delay in replying. As you can imagine, I have so many unread emails about this, it’s bananas! I’ve also been working a lot lately, so I’ll get to everyone’s email as soon as I can.

    If you haven’t emailed me yet, please don’t. I’m sorry, but I’m about out of codes. I’ll reply to as many current emails as I have codes for, but I already know I’m not going to have enough to take on any newcomers at this point.

    As I mentioned earlier, these codes are handed out at the front desk of every IHG hotel in the country to every Priority Club Rewards member that checks in. If I don’t get to you this time, please head to an IHG property and ask for one! (If you do, please take the time to let me know. I’d love to hear your experience so I can learn.)

    It’s been great being able to make so many of you so happy. I’m glad I could make a difference with the simple gesture of my time. Thanks for your patience everyone!

    -Iron Monkey

  • Cruzin said,

    Sent an e-mail to IronMonkey, got the code, watched a short video about the Priority Club Credit Card. Got my 1,000 points posted immediately.

    Thanks IronMonkey!!

    Hope to catch the next free bonus.

  • Susan said,

    Kudos to you! I haven’t had a reply yet, but am thrilled with how you’ve helped so many others ~ you are awesome!

  • Terry said,

    Worked for me!

  • Drury said,

    Iron Monkey, thanks so much. It really worked!!! Points were posted rather quickly. You are indeed a true friend and supporter of your fellow travelers. Keep us posted on any future “opportunities.”

  • Brad said,

    Thanks to Iron Monkey … what a great deal.

  • David said,

    Thanks Iron Monkey! It works!!

  • SB said,

    Thank you Iron Monkey! Quick response to my email and the code worked!

  • heidi said,

    I never got a response and I emailed him 5/29

  • dubaych said,

    Belated thanks, just took advantage of the code. Cheers.

  • Karen said,

    Please provide code to view online video and receive/post 1,000 PC reward points.


  • jason said,

    @karen – unfortunately there aren’t any more codes

  • Jason said,

    If you still haven’t entered your code, it still works!

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  • Signorelli said,

    Can’t get the points help I’m beginning to think it a joke

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