Watching out for distracted pedestrians in Sweden


With the popularity of smartphones in the world and with the unlimited availability of social media networks and apps, it is quite common to see folks walking down the street staring directly at their phone rather than actually watching where they’re going. A couple of enterprising folks in Sweden decided to create faux traffic signs,…

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Tom’s of Maine accused of False Advertising

Tom’s of Maine has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit accusing them of false advertising. The accusations are that Tom’s of Maine marketed their products as being all natural when they in fact (allegedly) contained chemical products. Tom’s of Maine hasn’t admitted wrongdoing, but agreed to settle. If you’ve purchased a Tom’s of Maine…

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American Express Small Business Saturday as we knew it is no more


American Express Small Business Saturday was one of the most lucrative annual promotions out there. In the beginning, American Express offered a $25 credit for spending at least $25 at local merchants. The best part of the promotion was that you could get a credit per authorized user so my family would get $300+ in…

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Make money with the American Express checkout offer


American Express in entering the digital payment arena with the launch of American Express checkout. American Express checkout allows you to use your login and password through participating merchants to pay for your items without having to enter your card details. It is autofilled once you authenticate. To celebrate the launch, American Express is…

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Targeted American Express offer: $75 off $300 Air Travel Purchase on any airline


American Express has been offering several very lucrative American Express offers lately. Some of my favorite have been $75 off $250 at Staples 5 times per card, $30 off $100 at Walmart / Target 5 times per card, and $15 off $75 at Home Depot. There is another lucrative targeted American Express offer: $75 off…

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