AwardWallet celebrates 10 year anniversary and you get 25% off

Posted by: Jason

AwardWallet is my favorite tracker of all of my loyalty programs. I have it loaded with my entire families accounts and it’s so convenient and easy to have balances and expirations tracked automatically.

In celebration of AwardWallet’s 10th anniversary, they’re offering 25% off the standard upgrade price today, November 20th, only. If you’re already a Plus member, it will extend your current subscription.

25% off $5 is $1.25 in savings, but I’ll always be using AwardWallet so why not save a buck?

Follow this link to upgrade or extend today.

A floating snowflake hotel in Norway

Posted by: Jason

The architecture firm Dutch Docklands is planning to build a floating 5 star hotel in Tromsø, Norway. The hotel is called The Krystall and would have 86 rooms.

The hotel is set to open in December 2016 and will feature glass roofs to get the picturesque view of the Northern Lights.

The floating star hotel

The floating star hotel

Access to the hotel will only be boat as it will be in the middle of water. The hotel won’t sway in the water either as it will be attached to cables to the bottom of the water.

This same architecure firm has also conceptualized a floating hotel in the Maldives called Greenstar.


Given the Norway / Sweden rivalry, I can see how Norway might want to try and trump the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. This may be a step in the right direction in a cool concept hotel.

I was sent someone else’s rental car reservation

Posted by: Jason

I received a car rental confirmation on one of my email addresses from It was a reservation in someone’s name.

Dollar Rental Car

Dollar Rental Car

My first reaction was – that person probably is wondering where their car rental reservation is and I thought about perhaps calling them to notify them. The other part of me wonders if it is just some sort of phishing scam and so I chose to just ignore figuring at some point they would perhaps call themselves and sort it out. At the very least, when they pick the car up, perhaps they would change it.

I can’t seem however to let it go and I’m wondering now if I should just call them and tell them. What would you do?

Save a lot of money at Walmart with your American Express cards

Posted by: Jason

I’m always looking for ways to stack deals on top of each other. There’s a pretty lucrative deal going on now with Walmart, American Express, and Bluebird.

Step 1. American Express is offering $5 off $15 purchase at through December 31st on your synced American Express card. The simplest way is to tweet #AmexWalMart to load this offer to your American Express cards. If you haven’t synced your American Express card to twitter accounts, you can do that here. I have each of my cards and authorized users set up on a separate twitter account which is then synced to TweetDeck which allows you to simultaneously tweet from multiple accounts. When I see a new American Express deal, I can quickly add it to all of my cards.

I have been ordering egift cards of $15 at to qualify for the offer. I originally had some problems with Walmart cancelling my orders because of suspected fraud. However, a quick email exchange with them and they allowed my account to order gift cards and there hasn’t been any problems.

These $15 egift cards are immediately sent via email and qualify for the Amex $5 off promotion and can be used online or in store. We use them in store for regular grocery shopping. I’ve ordered 10 egift cards so far on all of my cards and authorized user cards. Therefore $150 in egift cards getting $50 back in statement credits. Bluebird and Serve cards are also eligible for this offer.

Step 2. Sign up for Walmart savings catcher. After you’ve shopped at Walmart using your egift cards, enter in or scan your receipts and Walmart will monitor local competitors and if they find a savings drop on items you’ve purchased, they’ll give you back the difference in egift cards.

Step 3. If you add your Bluebird card to the Walmart savings catcher, they will load the savings to your Bluebird account rather than giving egift cards and double the amount they give you. Thus far we’ve earned $16.00 from doing nothing but scanning our receipts.

In summary, you can save 33% for each egift purchased per card and add additional savings by using your Bluebird card with Savings Catcher. It’s a great way to save some money during the holidays by jumping through some hoops.

American Express Small Business Saturday registration open now

Posted by: Jason

Registration for American Express Small Business Saturday where you can receive 3 – $10 statement credits on each card by shopping at a small business on November 29, 2014 is live now. Tweet #AmexShopSmall to enroll with your synced Twitter account. If you haven’t set it up before, you can do that here.

UPDATE: The online registration form will be live in 50 minutes, at 12:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. Online registration is live now as well at this link.

The number of registrations is limited so register quickly!

Free $10 for Bank of America credit or debit card holders

Posted by: Jason

Bank of America is offering a free $10 prepaid Reward Visa Card for Bank of America credit or debit card holders.

bank of america

Simply enroll in Visa Checkout at this link by December 4, 2014 and receive your free $10 prepaid Visa Card in the mail. No purchase is necessary.

American Express OPEN card offer – $150 off $150 on your AT&T bill

Posted by: Jason

A couple of months ago, I was debating whether the $195 annual fee for the American Express Delta Business Card was worth it. I actually decided it wasn’t, called to cancel, and was offered 25,000 Delta Skymiles to keep the card. That made it an easy decision because not only was I going to get the miles, but also be able to take part in American Express offers online and via Twitter as well as Small Business Saturday.

Since I renewed, I’ve taken advantage of the $5 off $15 at (purchased an egift card) on both of my cards on the account as well as $20 off $100 at Staples (purchased Shell gas gift cards).

However, today I am really glad that I kept the card as I got an offer on my Business Card for $150 statement credit on AT&T wireless by using the business card for Autopay or making a one time payment with that card.

An amazing AT&T offer

An amazing AT&T offer

The American Express offers as sometimes targeted, though multiple people are reporting online that they found this offer on their American Express OPEN cards. Login in to your account to see if you received this incredible offer to pay off your AT&T bill!

How to stop your cable or satellite provider from fleecing you

Posted by: Jason

When your cable or satellite provider first came to your house or apartment, they installed equipment to get you up and running as quick as possible. However, they recoup this convenience by charging you a monthly fee for equipment rental. One of the quickest ways you can get rid of this rental fee is to go ahead and purchase your own equipment and send back the rental and the monthly fee.

Photo courtesy of Comcast

Photo courtesy of Comcast

My mom has been a Comcast user for over 20 years and is currently subscribed to the “Triple Play” – Internet, Cable, and Voice. They’ve been charging her $9.00 a month to rent a device that brings the Internet, Cable, and Voice to her house. However, this device is available for outright purchase on Ebay for about $55 meaning that you could make up your money in about six months. For the Triple Play – you’ll need a Arris TG852G Docsis 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem TG852 G . I purchased one from this seller and a 5 minute phone call to Comcast had me up and running with a owned device. No more rental fees!

If you have Comcast Double Play – Internet and Cable, you can use the ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem avialable from Amazon which costs $88.00 and would have a return on investment of 10 months.

You can also purchase your own equipment for DirecTV. Search Ebay for “owned DirecTV receiver” or follow this link. Before purchasing a device, make sure you get the RID number from the seller (most post it in their pictures) and call DirecTV to confirm that it is in fact an owned receiver. I had a couple of people who stated in their auctions that their receivers were owned but DirecTV said they were in fact leased. Owned receivers can be purchased for about $100-$150 and DVRs for $200+. I had an owned DirecTV receiver for about two years before I decided to cut the cord. I turned around and resold the receiver on Ebay for about $100-$150 thereby having a $0 out of pocket.

I’ve highlighted only three options here, but there are other types of equipment for other carriers that can be purchased rather than renting. Take some time and do some research for your carrier and stop letting the providers fleece you for rental fees.

Have any of you purchased equipment outright to save rental fees?

The Fears of Ebola Trump Geography

Posted by: Jason

As someone who travels to Africa for business often, I’ve been following the current Ebola crisis closely. The majority of the outbreak has been concentrated in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

There have been other reported cases in other countries in Africa as well that are all contained and have all been in West Africa.

courtesy of

courtesy of

These facts, however, haven’t kept the St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky from being in an Ebola frenzy. A teacher at that school, Susan Sherman, has been taking humanitarian trips with her husband to Kenya. Kenya is a nation that is 4900 miles away from Sierra Leone in East Africa. Responding to parents’ concern that Susan was going to infect their kids with Ebola, the teacher was asked by the school to go into a 21 day paid quarantine and bring a doctor’s note saying that she was fully healthy before returning to the school.

Rather than be put into an unnecessary quarantine, Susan has resigned her position at the school.

When I tell people that I’m taking a trip to Africa soon, I’m constantly asked if I’m afraid of catching Ebola. I’m not traveling to the countries that have had the outbreak and I certainly would never put my life or health in danger. We all just need to use common sense in regards to this deadly disease and stop lumping all of Africa into the outbreak. We’ve had people in Dallas that have been infected – should all travel within the United States be stopped? I think not.

The parents at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School need to calm down and brush up on their geography.

4,000 free United miles for using Softcard

Posted by: Jason

Softcard (formerly ISIS) is offering 4,000 free United miles for linking your Chase United MileagePlus card with the Softcard app. Earn 2,500 miles for syncing your card with the Softcard app. Earn an additional 500 miles each month for using your Chase card to make a purchase to earn a maximum of 4,000 miles total.


Softcard is available on select phone on AT&T, Verizon, and Verizon. You can check your availability at this page.

Offer expires February 28, 2015.

Review: Four Seasons Limassol Cyprus

Posted by: Jason

To readers: though this hotel is called “Four Seasons”, it is not a part of the fabled Four Seasons hotel chain.

I’ve never had an opportunity to stay at a Four Seasons hotel. Therefore I was excited during my first trip to Cyprus to have a chance to finally stay at one.

I flew into the Larnaca International Airport and grabbed a taxi to the Four Seasons which was about a 45 minute ride. The hotel is located in Limassol.

Photo courtesy of Four Season Cyprus

Photo courtesy of Four Season Cyprus

I had booked a normal room for about $200. Check in was smooth and I walked up to my room.


The bed was large and extremely comfortable. There were multiple places to sit and with a nice HD TV.




There was a shower / tub combo with glass that closed in for a shower.





There was an enormous pool area in the back with lots of opportunity for sun and lots of seating around the pool.

The gigantic pool

The gigantic pool

View from above

View from above



The breakfast buffet

The following morning I had the breakfast buffet that had everything you could want. Fresh fruits, fresh baked pastries, fresh squeezed orange juice, and rows and rows of other foods.

Strawberries anyone?

Strawberries anyone?

Fresh squeezed OJ

Fresh squeezed OJ


The pastry selections

The pastry selections



The breakfast buffet was superb with everything you would want: fresh and healthy selections, made to order eggs, and a huge variety of things to choose from.

The customer service was outstanding, the food was superb, the accommodations were upscale, overall I thoroughly enjoyed my first stay at any Four Seasons hotel and this hotel in Cyprus would be recommended to anyone traveling to the island.

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